13. Juni 2019


(read in English below) Am Anfang stand ein Text.  Am Ende 37 Künstler* aller Sparten und Professionen -  das Steampunk Read more
Wonderful beings of all species,   it is done - it has happened -  felineandstrange is  SIGNED!!! From now on, Read more
WGT Rückblick: Endlich, ENDLICH war es wieder soweit und Leipzig färbte sich schwarz zum Wave Gotik Treffen 2022! Wir hatten Read more
Der Arbeit-Song - Cover
english version: THE WORK-SONG #HowCanArtNotBePolitical? fragen Feline&Strange seit 2017. Mit unerbittlichen, düsteren oder sarkastischen Statements gegen Sexismus und für den Read more
..,schon wieder... Eigentlich sollte es in 2021 ja einen neuen Text für die offizielle Release von KEINACHTEN und NOLIDAYS geben. Aber Read more
Schaut auch auf unseren Instagram- und Facebook- Account sowie in die neue Steamball-Gruppe auf facebook! Bericht und Fotosammlung vom Deepground Read more
Cover Doll´s House
The Doll´s House by Feline Lang, Mishkin Fitzgerald, Kat Downs   ´Twas 2020, and the plague rolled over the planet. Read more
Out now: der Cover-Reigen vom STEAMPUNK MUSIK KOLLEKTIV! 7 Steampunk-Bands werfen sich ihre besten Songs zu und machen etwas völlig Read more
Feline&Strange sind Gründungsmitglied des STEAMPUNK MUSIK KOLLEKTIVS! Die Vereinigung der Kräfte von etlichen Bands aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum (D-A-CH) wurde Read more
Fast alles über die neue deutsche Feline. Read more
Der Song zur Covidiotendemo. Ich habe die Nase voll und meine Band auch. Ab nächster Woche sind wir wieder getrennt, Read more
It´s so great to be part of the international Steampunk community! Our long term friend Anais Noir from Poison Garden Read more
Die kollektive Weltpremiere vom "Sperrbezirk feat. Zuhause-Festival": Die Münchner Kunstvereinigung, die das Streaming-Portal "Zuhause Festival" ins Leben gerufen hat, bei Read more
Januar 21: Noch ein Tentakeldebakel, diesmal über NACHSPIEL! https://www.tentakeldebakel.de/2021/01/25/folge-21-nachspiel/ Laaaanges Videointerview mit Quis dem Barden über Steampunk, Burlesque, Bodyshaming, und Read more
Im Rahmen unserer Liveshow (Stream) gestern habe ich ein Statement verlesen, das mir richtig und wichtig schien. Unter dem Video Read more
Live video of another very special show - FULL SHOW! Read more
Dig down our facebook profile! We keep it personal and authentic, but you can also find all the important infos Read more
We do a lot of stuff besides rehearsing, touring, and recording albums. Yes! If you want to see stuff besides Read more
Music and other art we appear in, NOT written (entirely) by Feline (&Strange): covers, collabs, cameos Unusual performances. Includes classical Read more
So we played EIGHT!! SHOWS in 4 days! First, 3 sets at Viktorianisches Picknick in Clara-Zetkin-Park. We had planned on Read more
Maybe the most epic gig we played this season - and the most hilarious 😀 Full show! Read the story Read more
Just our past tour dates, for those who want to know. 2022 20.4. ONLINE Ukraine-Nothilfe-Kollektiv-Songrelease mit dem Steampunk Musik Kollektiv Read more
Loverlies, I already spilled that I was working on a new duet with Mishkin Fitzgerald - here is the first Read more
This is about losing everything you took for granted. And hope. OUT by Feline & Strange I‘ve been painting wrong Read more
Industrial Electro-Punk with all the aggression "Gettin' Angry" (TRUTHS) promised. Brian plays the dumpster, among other things. Out of control. Read more
In December 2017, we performed for the very first time our songs together with the wonderful weirdos of The FullMoonCabaret Read more
See image overview at bottom! / Galerieübersicht und Artikel in Deutsch weiter unten! After playing several shows with birdeatsbaby and Read more
Apply for a visa for Planet Earth here. No guarantees. But at least you have the chance of winning a Read more
This event was TOO magnificent for just mentioning a few reviews and posting a few photos! If alone, because reviews Read more
STOP ASKING on LIES (2015) - Words&music: Feline Lang LIES by Feline & Strange I wish I could stop thinking Read more
On LIES (motor 2015) Stream&Buy the released/mastered version: LIES by Feline & Strange Don't touch me - Your fingers burn Read more
on LIES (2015) - Lyrics/music: Feline Lang LIES by Feline & Strange My fault is: I can´t keep my mouth Read more
If somebody had told me last year, there would be a Feline&Strange world tour in 2015, I would have laughed, Read more
Im Mai waren wir auf Tour in Norddeutschland - mit ein paar ganz besonderen Auftritten! (Wie immer bei uns...): SO WAR´S Read more
Captain Feline Lang, ihr Klavier, ihr Synthesizer, und Christoph Klemke, der Verrückte mit der Fliegermütze und dem perkussiven Cello, funken Read more
It´s time to tell you the whole story about our landing and life on Earth. Let´s start at the beginning. Read more
A short list of what`s happening, including the links to our new works as released on Patreon! DECEMBER 2018 Mishkin Read more
stream&buy: SCIENCE FICTION by Feline & Strange I´ve landed on this planet some dozen years ago but yet I didn´t Read more
The Seventh Wave Family: Emily Grove visits Berlin! Emily Grove was discovered, like us, by Jason Rubal who invited us to Read more
The Seventh Wave Family: Emily Grove visits Berlin! Emily Grove was discovered, like us, by Jason Rubal who invited us to Read more
Jeder hat ja so seine Probleme im Leben. Manche haben große Probleme, manche haben kleine. Manche haben sogar mittlere. Aber Read more
So here are your presents! Download Booklet SF Text engl Download Booklet SF deutsch Text Listen to and download Digital Read more
Dearest Fan, thank you so much for purchasing our album! You know well that you are supporting the next issues Read more
Did you know...? Schon gewußt...? Matti built the microphone on the cover of SCIENCE FICTION. From rubbish. And, yes, it Read more
Love is (Utterly Overrated) Words/Music/Arrangement: Feline Lang A Polka about former love affairs. With a very small accordion.   The Read more
Was für eine Show! Bilder ansehen im facebook-Album Ladies and Gentlemen! Feline&Strange proudly presents: SCIENCE FICTION - A space opera Zur Veröffentlichung ihres Read more
Q: How can I help you as you ought to be noticed by more people? Sorry, I haven´t got any Read more
End of the world - T/M/ARR Feline Lang - On "Science Fiction" (2012) On the record, you will find a second Read more
Aktuelle Live-Mitschnitte - for Fans only! The Stalker Song I´m not cool ...mit der rechten Maustaste auf den Titel klicken Read more
Hello World - Words&Music: Feline Lang A song about the dire need to become famous. Because WHO EVER LISTENS TO Read more
Dear Earthlings, liebe Erdlinge! Nun seid Ihr mir bis hierher gefolgt, und kennt die dunklen Geheimnisse, die uns auf diesen Read more
Es ist soweit. Ich beobachte die Region des Himmels,auf die die Zeichen verweisen, schon geraume Zeit. Doch erst vor wenigen Read more
This is getting ridiculous. The readings from the Signs can only mean one thing: The spaceship is coming, out of Read more
We found lopsided Signs. We found a world heaving in its angle. A planet suffering from humanitis. A system tearing Read more
The story is coming to an end. Only a dozen and a half months ago, we have beeen contacted by a Read more
It is time to reveal more about the present. Seven years ago, while I was still dwelling as a dreamer, Read more
Wir haben uns wirklich Mühe gegeben, die Menschheit zu verstehen. Dabei mußte ganz vornan der Zwang zur Selbstdefinition über einen Read more
TRUTH No. 12: Shut Up now Babe you Had your Say AIN'T YOU GLAD (on BEHAVIOUR) BEHAVIOUR by Feline & Strange Read more
Eins bleibt aber unvermeidlich: Was immer wir auch tun, wie sehr wir auch versuchen, uns anzupassen - unser Verständnis der Read more
You Earthlings. So long you tried to destroy your planet. And now, when the point of no return is long Read more
Did you collect all 18 truths? Hast Du alle 18 Wahrheiten gesammelt?   Dann wird es Zeit, daraus den Code Read more
What is it about the cat thing? Why are they following us around? Why do we sport cat referred names Read more
Lies das hier weiter unten auf Deutsch! It must have been the beginning of the 17th century in Christian calendar Read more
Erdlinge, ihr seid eine empfindliche Spezies. Und das Traurigste daran ist, daß ihr euch selbst so sehr über Bindungen definiert. Read more