SIGNED – Laetitium & Foxy Records

Wonderful beings of all species,


it is done – it has happened – 

felineandstrange is 


From now on, all our music will be available on FOXY RECORDS and their shop DRYLAND RECORDS,

and our gigs will be booked via LAETITIUM! See how much they love us, and all that art shit!

Feline and Christoph greet you too cool for school
Hooray for being a signed artist!

On this label, a sublabel of Samsonido (which, among many others, hosts Goethes Erben), we are in the happy company of Coppelius, Corvus Corax, Cesair, Fuchsteufelswild, Moran Magal, Tales of Nebelheym and many more breathtakingly talented gothic and steampunk acts. But we are the paradise birds with my feminist art shit 🙂 and YES, they want us to keep this going! 

Keep posted on all our activities by subscribing to our newsletter –> because I will be much too busy gigging for extended social media advertising! Hooray! and check out the news about the upcoming German album KUNST FORDERT OPFER, our first Foxy release!

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