WGT 2019

So we played EIGHT!! SHOWS in 4 days!

First, 3 sets at Viktorianisches Picknick in Clara-Zetkin-Park. We had planned on playing once an maybe later jam a bit with the ukulele, but people kept asking for more <3


Next day, we played at Steampunkpicknick. Twice! Very hot again, wonderful familiar feeling even with 2500 visitors, and I sported a brand new outfit custom made for me by Berliner Miedermanufaktur! Most pics by Jens Analog.

On Sunday, we played at and for VeiD e.V. in the afternoon, on the street in front of their office. Many “vanilla” people live in that area, and at some point, a few of them started dancing swing <3 Jens Analog and Karin Page took the pics.

The evening, supposedly the highlight of our WGT 2019, saw us play at Sixtina, headlining the Steampunk Sunday for the 2nd year in a row (and yes, we´ll play there next year again!) The only electronic set on this tour, and Rah even played an electronic drum set…!!! 

But then, we played at the demonstration.

We had asked only the pre-WGT-Wednesday if we could contribute to the Funeral March for Endangered Species demo organised by WGT Guide App and Extinction Rebellion. They not only agreed, but proposed we play for the final action, the Die-In. Meaning, we play, and everybody “dies” on the ground as a memento mori. 


So I rewrote Restart from Zero (which will be on TRIGGER WARNING, our upcomin 6th longplayer), and we rehearsed all Thursday before driving to Leipzig and partying hard at Moritzbastei on Day 1! And on Monday, the demo happened. Mass shots by Alex Schlesier, th othery by me or my GoPro.

See the full Die-In in the video below! 

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