ON THE RUN video + making of

This is about losing everything you took for granted. And hope.

I‘ve been painting wrong colours – singing wrong songs- writing wrong poems – speaking wrong tongues – sitting on wrong chairs – eating wrong foods – worshipping wrong gods – buying wrong goods

Now I‘m on the run like a frightened rabbit, jumping the bricks of the yellow road, dodging the sun -might be I‘m seen- hiding my face under my load…

Run run run run -run for your life -Run run run -don‘t stop
Run run run run -no place to hide -Run run run -don‘t stop

Hold on hold on! I won‘t stop for you. Stopping is death -Running is hope. There is no goal, no end to this run, running in circles, a life as a lope

I‘ve been playing the wrong games – having wrong fun – asking wrong questions from the wrong men – showing the wrong sex – wearing wrong clothes – kissing wrong humans -watching wrong shows – squatting wrong houses – crying wrong tears – throwing the wrong stones -having wrong fears – carrying wrong guns – shunning wrong class – shitting on wrong heaps -kicking wrong ass

I‘ve done naught but being myself. That‘s forbidden in my world! Do what you ought, stay in the shadow, don‘t raise your voice, avoid the wrong words…

from OUT, released March 23, 2017
words/music, lead voc, piano, synths: Feline Lang – cello, back vocs, percussion: Christoph Klemke – Concert Harp: Brigitte Langnickel-Köhler –
bass, production: Tyler KouqJ Garrett – drums: Brian Viglione
Video written and directed by Feline Lang – DoP: Jörg Merlin Noack with Lene Sommer – Post: Feline Lang


Mikado – Angela Buhse – Christoph Klemke – Eric van Slee – Mario Buhse – Aina Schubert – Chris Ruhbach – Barbara Schubert – Karla Hajman – Anna Pe – Dana von Minz – Sven Michael Klose – Egon Sachse – Cecilia van Slee – Sakkiko – Jupiter Gatling – Lena Lonley – Dirk Ruhbach – CeZar Lopez – Kai Buhse – Jörg Merlin Noack – Lene Sommer
Additional Footage by and with: Mark Windsor – Jo Hills – Robert Nixon – Stephen Wardhaugh
Credits music: Live version of ON THE RUN
Made with the help of my Patreons some of who are featured in this! I love you.


What this song is about. You do not have to like it. But you have to know.

This song tries to take the perspective of a political refugee. One who never intended to be political, who just wanted to live their life. But society had a problem with them.
#lgbtq #feminism #anarchist #pacifist #Antifa #intellectual #artist #howcanartnotbepolitical
The video adds the question: What is normal? Is it normal to bend to the rules at all cost, even torture, or is it normal to run? to at least try? And where does fleeing us lead if nobody helps?
Dieser Song versucht, aus der Perspektive eines aus politischen Gründen flüchtigen Menschen zu erzählen. Einer Person, die niemals vorhatte, zum Politikum zu werden, sondern einfach nur ihr Leben leben wollte, ohne sich zu verbiegen, oder zu lügen. Doch die Gesellschaft hatte ein Problem damit.
#lgbtq #Feminismus #Anarchie #Pazifismus #Antifa #Intelletuelle #KünstlerInnen #howcanartnotbepolitical
Das Video fügt die Frage hinzu: Was ist normal? Ist es normal, sich den Regeln zu beugen, egal um welchen Preis – selbst Folter – oder ist es normal, zu flüchten? es wenigstens zu versuchen? Und wohin führt uns die Flucht dann, wenn niemand hilft?
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