NEWS REPORT from outer worlds

A short list of what`s happening, including the links to our new works as released on Patreon!


Mishkin comes back, and brings her band! We play two shows in Berlin with birdeatsbaby, which are our first shows with Rah on the drums as well.


WE`VE GOT A DRUMMER!! Meet Rah Fookinhell, our new lady in the back but not the background. SO much fun – and I redo all the synth sounds AGAIN.


Getting back into the loop after being out of Europe. What a change… Lots of minor catastrophes in our day jobs, jetlag, and depression line this month. Still I manage to release GOING AWAY (from SCIENCE FICTION) in a heartrending (I think) ukulele solo version. And we play a punk show in Berlin!


We go to JAPAN. Wow! I´ve been wanting to go since my first ever karate lesson. And now I´ve even got friends there! The details of that trip are strictly patreon-only for several reasons, the photos even limited to the Super Patreon group for 15+ patrons. But I guess I´ll make a song influenced by that trip at some point!  Patreon premiere: THE BED SONG, a campfire protest song in the ukulele version.


It´s PHOENIX time! We play at our most beloved Phoenix Alternative Festival, and meet our UK based extended family. Presenting our first singing duet THE WALL, a guest star version of CASSANDRA`S TWIN, a cello solo performance, a ukulele side show, and LILITH in the all-out mature version. BUT: just 2 weeks before we both decide that we have to do something about our backing tracks which I produce in FL Studio and master in Ableton Live. So we spent way too much time in perfecting the sound. It pays off, but we both are so tired that I do not only book the wrong flight back which means spending the night at Gatwick airport, but also lose my super full newsletter entry list! If you read that and have been there – PLEASE enter yourself in the box on the right! I am sorry!

JULY 2018

UK tour with Mishkin Fitzgerald! SOOOO much fun. And new music. And new friends. And a lot of vegan food.

Live videos will be on the extensive tour blog on Patreon, coming soon…

This month´s Thing will be the Victorian Asylum Breakout video ON THE RUN, featuring several of my patreons!

Want to be in the next video, with me, Christoph, Mishkin, Martin Wattinger, and many more? You can! Wherever you are!

JUNE 2018

Mish and I release another collaboration, THE WALL. As an acoustic duet for now, I will release a version of what I call Urban Steampunk 😀 sung by Christoph!! and me soon. Higher tiers can listen to him already.

My second work of art in this month is the video to YOUR LIFE (TRUTHS), the Second Wife waltz. I always wanted to make a Tango video, and when Liliana Velasquez asked me whether I want to do something with her, I didn´t even think about it.

Also, I decide to skip the metaphors.

I start to re-post older songs with a decidedly political undertone, including now an explanation of their meaning for those who didn´t know (which probably isn´t you, but you might like to read them anyway). All of these go into the list of song posts on patreon as well as here on this webpage. Go look. 

MAY 2018

WGT!!! We play at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, the BIGGEST FUCKING GOTHIC MEETING in the bloody fecking world, for the first time ever – and it´s FIVE shows!! From THE goth club in Leipzig, Sixtina, to sitting on the lawn and jamming – everything is possible in 5 days of madness. Show dates on the Shows page (duh).

Edit: Full Sixtina Show filmed by the boss himself and released on Patreon.

Unplugged shows on Youtube: VEID e.V.Viktorianisches Picknick – Staun und Schauder (mit CvAster und Interview auf deutsch)

APRIL 2018

UK tour 1! Around playing in London with the Full Moon Cabaret (including the dance theatre shows!) I´ll bring my Christoph 😀 and we play with Mishkin and others in Reading, Kingston, Cornwall, London, Brighton, and finally Hereford Steampunk Weekend, before jetting back to – Hamburg, to play Aethercircus only 16 hours after our show at Hereford ends!

Edit: THEY BLOODY BROKE CHRISTOPH´S CELLO AT THE AIRPORT. Read the full story. And be assured that all patreon money from her on goes into developing the new fold-up cello.

April release: ORIGINS, a song I made about my parents, a piano waltz. The both are classical musicians and I love them dearly. Higher tiers get another recording of the burlesque/dance theatre version of LILITH, filmed in London.

MARCH 2018

Release party for CASSANDRA´S TWIN! It´s Steamball time but as it´s “only” one song we make it simple and small, and go back to our roots at 12Grad.

Collab time again! I start working on a song with US Goth opera act Valentine Wolfe who we met first at our 1st ever appearance at Steampunk World´s Fair.

THE TRAIN is released shortly before Easter! Patreons get the cute video early as usual, plus download, the animations extra and a making-of for higher tiers in the Super Group.


I´m sick. Bah. As all of Berlin. And planning the release of Cassandra´s Twin! And writing two new songs. Both duets. Seems I got the hang of this 😀 one with Mishkin, one finally one with Christoph 😀 And I want a choir. Maybe ask STIMMGEWALT again?!

And I start the Super Patreon facebook group because I learn that people want live streams of EVERYTHING I do 😀

But as people fret and scratch walls, the long expected video CASSANDRA´S  TWIN is released on patreon, and the acoustic version extra. Plus download in 48kbps video quality.


Mishkin comes to Berlin, and we make the video for our collaboration song!

And I go to London to play the Full Moon Cabaret again!

Patreon Release: PLEASE DIE, a piano rock song about child abuse.

Holiday extra release: STAND UP AND SWING – The musical, video edit


A burlesque dance theatre with F&S playing live at the Full Moon Cabaret.

Working on a duet with Mishkin Fitzgerald from birdeatsbaby which will go on both our patreons as song and video – and recording/releasing a song that is so terrible that it makes me physically ill, and will go to Patreon in January.

Patreon Release: The 3 movements of the dance theatre – including the full striptease on LILITH for the higher tiers 😀

And: A full acoustic live show with no cables attached.

And: The duet with Mishkin: CASSANDRA´S TWIN.



Back in Berlin! Touring like mad! Bringing birdeatsbaby, and making a brand new song together for our Patreons! Also, I´m doing mor Full Moon Cabarets, and oh yes, I made a Swing musical over the summer. It´s coming out now. STAND UP AND SWING. And yes, it´s political.

Patreon release: SCIENCE FICTION – THE MOVIE – Treatment and storyline open for discussion 

Public posts: Trigger Warning for PLEASE DIE and announcements


Patreon release: FEMALE IS NOW – a feminist, 80ies-style proto punk song, a capelle with drums, including studio video (public post – download post)


Festival madness reaches its peak with the launch of the Steampunk Records Roadshow tour in UK! Between playing like mad, I sit in a camper van in Derbyshire and record a new song.

Patreon Release: RESTART FROM ZERO, an apocalyptical, dragging, tearjerking electronic song. 

Livestream from Snooty Fox


Phoenix Festival in Wales! This, too, is home. And a wonderful acoustic show in Berlin, real piano, real cello, real gown. Home again, I drop everything and rush to popKultur festival in Berlin where I´m supported in the Nachwuchs programme 2nd time in a row. And directly after the last performance, I grab my dropped bag again, jump into a plane, and we debut at Asylum! OMG what a HUGE crowd of nerds!

Patreon release: LOBOTOMY, a Ukulele Punkrock. Yes. 

JULY 2017

Arrgh! Climate change hits UK, and Airship Northstar drowns… I get the cancellation notice queing up for airplane security, and decide to come anyway – making Daniel set up a small festivalito indoors instead which is already a legend by the time we touch ground. Right afterwards, sharing the stage with birdeatsbaby´s Mishkin inEdinburgh, and becoming friends, and mutual patrons! And then, Fringe time again in Reading. I love rocking festivals and clubs, but theatre stages and audiences always feel like home.

Patreon Release: GETTIN´ANGRY reloaded – cover of the song by A Capella choir STIMMGEWALT in 3 versions – karaoke, with their lead singer, and with me.

JUNE 2017

Festival season begins! With our debut at A Splendid Day Out in Morecambe, and John Naylor from Asylum hiring us on the spot!! We make the video for CITY BY THE SEA at the Baltic shore, and have tons of fun.

Patreon release: CITY BY THE SEA epic video 

MAY 2017

Preparations for the UK tour, our very first TOTALLY ACOUSTIC set (no cables!!) and of course supporting VOLTAIRE again. May is a busy month! And gig drop in on a daily basis – go check our tour plan!

APRIL 2017

Whoa! Press reactions on OUT are totally overwhelming! It actually feels like a honest-to-god breakthrough. But definitely like we´ve made something GOOD. As, obviously, selling only the download was not a good idea, we decide to put the CD version on the market in September in Europe, too! So far it is only available via our bandcamp webshop (on “MUSIC”).

Also, we spontaneously play at some wonderful extra gigs, an art show in Berlin, and the goodbye show for Coppelius. But a very special highlight is the Coalesceremonium in Belgium. Read more about the tour, and see those amazing photos!

Patreon Release: OUT. The full mastered album.

MARCH 2017

OUT is here!!! Our new show premieres, STILL ON EARTH?! putting the audience in the position of illegal aliens.

And the STEAMBALL happened, too! What fun that was, with our gorgeous guests including Jezebel Steele who fell in love with us hosting the Phoenix Alternative Festival in UK last summer, and of course Tyler JouqJ Garrett who produced the record and played the bass – with us on stage! Head over to the Steamball page to see pictures and videos.

Motto of the month, and of the upcoming season, and on our new T-Shirts:


Patreon Release: The very silly video of BERLIN´S A BITCH!


Preparing the Steamball. Putting videos together: check the video tab for the newest ones! Last finishing touches to the background game and story.

Patreon Release: Song and video NO LIFE ON MARS. The one with the bodypainted aliens.


Everybody says thank god 2016 is over. I don’t. First, for this band, is was a PERFECT year.

Second, 2016 many decision were made, on a world scale.

2017 we’ll have to live with the outcome of those decisions.

But on a happier note, we start preparing the STEAMBALL IV, to celebrate the release of OUT! Have a look at the Steamball page, it’s all there, and there’ll be more soon.

We reach our first Patreon goal! So I have to make a song about food and animals! And here it is, the very first patreon exclusive song:



All of a sudden, I have got a big handful of Patrons! May be because almost all songs plus videos from OUT are already on, ready for download, with lyrics, AND with the story of their making!

I am doing the artwork. And as always, things go weird.

And also all of a sudden, we finally have found us a booker!! Anubis Artists will help us get our music to you now.

Patreon Release: CITY BY THE SEA.


The opera is done, and sold out! Yay! And at the same time, when I have NO TIME at all, the master of OUT is done. And it’s.


It’s a big comfort over all the ugly things that happen this month. It’s cold outside.

I start working with the grandiose Victoria Linchong and her Full Moon Cabaret. Talking about weird, every full moon in Berlin now I’ll be performing there. In November I am the moon, singing improvised opera. In December,I’ll be Mr Drumpf the Very Naughty Neanderthal.

Patreon Release, how very fitting: The refugee song:



A break from touring! Feline is making an opera for a change. Then back to working on the release of OUT.

Patreon Release: HOW MUCH.

AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 2016 (Sorry.)

A lot has happened. See some live videos from US and UK on our YouTube playlist. There’s an interview from Birmingham radio to download on our page. And a Skype interview from the Netherlands, also on YouTube. Go there, especially if you don’t facebook. (But if you do: Join the Spaceship Crew! In the group, we’re family, and travel happily through space and time.)
I was invited to Pop-kultur again, and will write another blog about this and other extraordinary art events.

Es ist so viel passiert. Sieh Dir ein paar neue Live-Videos in unserer YouTube-Playlist an. Außerdem gibt es ein Radio-Interview aus Birmingham zum, Download auf unserer Homepage. Und einen Skype-Talk aus den Niederlanden, auch auf YouTube. Klick Dich durch, besonders, wenn Du nicht facebookst.
(Wenn aber doch: komm doch in die Spaceship Crew! In der Gruppe sind wir unter uns und reisen als große glückliche Familie durch Raum und Zeit.)
Ich war zu Gast bei der Pop-kultur, auch dieses Jahr wird noch ein Blog dazu folgen, auch zu einigen anderen außergewöhnlichen Kunstevents.


JULY 2016

Reading Fringe! Our first UK appearance, and a theatre festival! So we hone the show to a fully fledged rock opera. Yay!

Patreon Release: Two things, including the old and the new version of THE TRAIN.
JUNE 2016

The first song from OUT is released on and! Oh we had so much fun. And the album scares ourselves, to be honest.

Marc leaves us! He’ll still be around whenever we need him but sometimes you have to decide, and sometimes that hurts. No worries folks. We’re still around, and Tyler plays bass on the record!

We’re playing in Hamburg, Berlin, and some reward gigs for crowdfunders. Relaxed.


Patreon release: One of the greatest things we ever made, the dumpster song 😀 a making of video showing how Brian ran out and played the dumpster on MODERN CONVERSATION!

MAY 2016

sees a concert featuring classical arrangements of F&S songs, together with me singing opera arias, tangos, and Jazz – a tour with Aurelio Voltaire in Germany – a tour in NJ to Steampunk World’s Fair and Asbury Park with KouqJ and John Fernandez on bass and drums – and recording of the album, with Brian Viglione playing the drums, of course!


Patreon Release: Texas was so much fun. You can see it in this video!

Uh, I´m SO SORRY. 

APRIL 2016

Am I crazy or what?  – We are making ANOTHER record. In the middle of the night, I decided to invite Tyler KouqJ Garrett from Seventh Wave Studio to Berlin for a week of preproduction. We’ll do the Marseille songs, and more. BUT they will not be released as CDs.

Patreon and donxt supporters will get them, one by one, as HQ downloads. Including different playlists, artwork, and several mixes and versions. Hope you are curious. We are.

Patreon Release: A double release! The two secret bonus songs LIES and TRUTHS are recorded again, and here they are: LIES and TRUTHS

MARCH 2016

STEAM BALL TIME! Don’t miss it! We have amazing guests – and I’ll sing a special a capella version of GETTIN’ ANGRY with the wonderful HardChoir STIMMGEWALT…!

Patreon Release:  I reveal one of the biggest surprises on TRUTHS: Yes, this time I will play the guitar. Well, I did. In the studio. HOLE IN THE GROUND


The first  reviews for TRUTHS are out. Including an interview featuring me alongside Jeff Mach, creator of Steampunk World’s Fair.

Texas is a blast. And rehearsal with John Fernandez as well! At night we jam in jazz clubs, afterwards we go through our songs for the Germany tour. FUN!!!

Patreon Release: The new version of the GETTIN´ANGRY video is finally released through Patreon:



Going to TEXAS! Don’t miss our shows in San Antonio and Austin!

Things happen! We start planning the record release TRUTHS with finishing the first video (posted on Patreon only), and preparing STEAM BALL 3! And the GAME goes online on

A real highlight: The roleplay party of Mitternachtsgesellschaft in Berlin. Writers, improvised music, and penguins with rabies. Creativity rocks.

And the next song and video goes to Patreon:

TIME – maybe the only real Steampunk video I ever made 😀


Right afterwards, we go to the Netherlands for Steampunk festivel Emporium Vernesque.
And I visit my hometown to play a show there – weird enough…!

Because Paris, I didn´t do much else in November. But I finished, for Patreon, this:

Afterlife Video

November 2015

Bad things happen. In Paris and everywhere. Still I am going to Paris with Schaubühne. And I will blog about this experience. I am proud to go, and want to do my part in restoring a bit of beauty. Check the blog

In the meantime, Christoph defends the planet in Berlin, and speaks at Berlin Most Wanted music conference.


October 2015

We’ll go abroad again! ILa Minori contacts us, another one of Jason’s “children”, to visit us in berlin, and book us a show in Texas! Yay! She’ll be playing in Berlin December 11th at Art&Weise, and in March on our record release party!

By the way… TRUTHS is ready to go to the CD factory!

And here´s on Patreon the first single, with a live video:


September 2015

We get visitors! LIES and TRUTHS producer Jason Rubal sends us Emily Grove and her Band Homeless Apians. We had a great time with them in Asbury Park, Bruce Springsteen’s hometown, and will surely have an even better one together in Berlin! Don’t miss our shows together!

One of them includes the second STEAM BALL!!! We had so much response to the LIES record release party, most of it summing up to: “When will you do that again?” So I decided, quite spontaneously, that we WOULD, and when Emily was here. it was not too easy to find a location, and I am very happy to be hosted by Last Cathedral in the end, which not only offers a very special ambience but whose owners are also among the friendliest and most generous people I’ve met in this business. Except you. my dears, of course!

We join Patreon! Our new profile: And here´s our first paid post:

365 Songs – a mad idea, and a promise

August 2015

Our store is cleared. Really! 10 years of theatre, music, and collecting messy stuff explode into our studio. I am still cleaning up. This is what we do instead of holidays!

TRUTHS: THE MASTER is done! Jason, you are a genius. As always!

I am invited to pop-kultur Berlin, the successor of Music Week. What a fun! And I even get a goodie bag – this is somehow scary. I see lots of incredible shows and wrote  a blog about it.

July 2015

It’s holiday time! The first break after one year full of exciting news. And to be honest: I wouldn’t mind if this was just the start…! LIES is out, and starts selling pretty well – THANK YOU!!! Reviews roll in, some enthusiastic, some the opposite, but no one got bored while listening, that’s for sure!

We start scheduling the next season. We’ll be back in the US and in France, visit the Netherlands, and some old friends in Germany! And don’t miss our Berlin tour with Emily Grove in September! KouqJ will be playing too, who gave us his badass bass on TRUTHS in May. – Yeah, that’s Tyler! Any other suggestions where we should play?


June 2015

Record release LIES!!! And two weeks of songwriting in Marseille… A full album, again!!! And a project… You will hear about it, soon.

Mai 2015

USA-Tour! We record TRUTHS, finally, with Brian of course, and with Tyler on the bass. Marc, we miss you!! but family’s first.

April 2015

UnbeF*kngLievable!!! We Are Funded – AGAIN!!! Berlin musicboards sends YOURS TRULY as Berlin’s ambassador to  huge festival in Marseille, France, including 2 weeks of stipendiated work with all the other awesome musicians! WOW! can’t believe it!!

ROME! This was so great! a perfect cirque noir show with our friends Poison Garden, and several busloads of people, at Rome’s TRAFFIC LIVE CLUB! Wait until you see the pics…!

March 2015

Preparing our US tour in May – and guess what?? WE ARE FUNDED! I just got the mail that we will receive a generous amount of money from German Government to realize our US tour. (Makes me hope that will make getting the proper visa easier, too.)

January 2015

So. Well. This is that! We collected a staggering 3.700 from Indiegogo, including the transfers via traditional accounts (next campaign will be on another comany who support more than PayPal, I promise!). motor entertainment is working hard to publish LIES – which will be the name of our, no, not EP- it’s an album!! Will be out on: tadah: June 19th!

So GETTIN’ ANGRY is no more –

– the song? yes of course!! but the album! it will be re-recorded, refurbished, remixed, and partly even recomposed – and will be the logical successor to LIES: TRUTHS! Will be out Autumn 15!!

October 2014

Well- HOW BIG CAN THE NEWS GET??? We have been Discovered! Yes, with a capital D! The great U.S. producer Jason Rubal (who worked with The Dresden Dolls and musicians from The Cure, to name just a few) found us in the internet and INVITED us to make a record with him THIS YEAR! Sorry for shouting at you, I just can´t help it. All we need now is our visa… press your thumbs!

Means GETTIN’ ANGRY will be delayed. Sorry for that. But honestly, we will maybe work with BRIAN VIGLIONE from Dresden Dolls himself!! Sorry again for shouting.

September 2014

Finalizing GETTIN’ ANGRY including the graphic novel which will be part of the story… incredible how much work this is. And how much fun.

We will be playing in Rome in Spring, thanks to our good friends POISON GARDEN, and sharing a stage with them again later that year in the U.S., on Steampunk Worlds Fair in NJ!

August 2014

Album work, another sold out Space Radio Show, album work, and dealing with our new label MOTOR ENTERTAINMENT.

New plans: a U.S. tour in Spring 2015 (hopefully including SXSW) and a UK tour in Autumn 2015. Suggestions for locations to play?

July 2014

Summer season brought the 1st sold out Space Radio show, yay! and a gorgeous open air gig on Bergmannstrassenfest. The rest was working hard on the new album…

June 2014

Feline on air: a call-in talk show about “music prohibited” on BB Radio Kultur, Berlin (13.6. 12:00)

Recording days for GETTIN´ ANGRY! My outfit will be sponsored by REDCAT 7…!

May 2014

Liebe Fans, Dear Fans: We need your help! (no, this isn´t about money)

Preparations for recording GETTIN´ ANGRY going… and YES, it will be a MOTOR record!

And yet another Steampunk festival: May 31: Romantic´n`Heart in Vogelsang! We´ll be playing on Saturday. Open air!

On tour in northern Germany: 1st: Hamburg. 2nd: Kiel. 3rd: Steampunk festival Stade. 4th: back in Berlin, WITH POISON GARDEN from Rome!

April 2014

Sorry. I didn´t update this for a while. Tour preparation makes me fuzzy in the head. More about our tour.

On air again: With Lorde in one show. What do you think?
The first ever SPACE RADIO SHOW is broadcast from our new home, the 12Grad Aetherloge, Berlin´s only Steampunk location. A nervous breakdown and a truckload of CDs sold later I consider that a real success, and more, greeeeat fun!

March 2014

we are asking ourselves: Do we want to be sold via Motor Entertainment? Contract pending, and thoughts, too.

preparing the new show… AND the tour in May…. AND recording the 3rd album in June…! life never gets boring.

We´ll do it in England, folks. Almost 200 new likes in 3 weeks only from the UK. That has to mean something – doesn´t it? So once the Space Radio Show is settled, we´ll do the English version and travel the UK. Whoever has any suggestions as where to play, please contact us!

February 2014

New Drummer Agustín Strizzi! I met him in a Tango band… now he´s tangoing with us.

NEU ab April!!  Jour Fixe in Berlin – Jeder 1. Freitag im Monat: Musikalischer Salon in der 12° Aetherloge  – Feline lädt zu (unplugged) Konzert, just me, my piano, my computer, my accordion, der Irre mit der Fliegermütze und dem Cello, und wer auch immer Lust hat, mitzumachen…! Außerdem: Literatur, Tanz, Spiel und intellektuelle Herausforderungen. Und nicht zu vergessen: diverse Bier-, Cider-, Met- und Absinthsorten. Und das für 5,- Eintritt. Premiere: 4. April! Anmelden auf facebook

January 2014

GREAT NEWS! Feline & Strange have been selected by jury as the ONLY band from whole Berlin to represent our glorious city at Hard Rock Rising (not Hard Rock, but Hard Rock Café, folks!) – the only thing we need from you is to vote for BERLIN to get us there! Voting starts February 3rd – keep posted!

Now for the sad news: Uli is leaving the band…! We are looking for a new horns player (but are open to others like wood or reed, or other brass, too). This will change our sound fundamentally, but the good thing is: we´ll never get bored 😉 If you feel that your place is aboard our spaceship, contact us!

The “Fastival” in Berlin with our two supports Krasnaja and The Jack Affair was a great success! Live Video N°1!
January 31: Feline onstage with Tango again – supporting my good friend Fernando Miceli with singing our duet published on his new album ARRABAL Y EXILIO at Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin.

Feline going astray again- this time I´ll be recording a track with Bass Metal artist Vartras. Will be fun!

Happy new year! Starts good: Just found this comment on our Reverb Nation profile: “beautifully theatrical, eclectic range of pop-opera moods and styles here..fantastic vocals and arrangement for “because”, and the fantastic, exploratory structure for “science fiction” propels the music into the heady, grandiose world of musical theatre..just loved the sparkling, twisting narratives you’re creating here.” Thank you so much, Mike!

Starts not so good: Our gig in Hannover is cancelled!!! because the venue accidentally sold the date to a funded event and can´t solve that contract. Baaad luck… we´ll only meet Hannover in May 14 then.

December 2013

Ends perfectly: me on stage singing Auld Lang Syne with all of you singing along and afterwards our new New Year´s waltz with everyone dancing — uuuuh I still get gooseflesh. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! AND MY BAND!

SILVESTER / NEW YEAR`S EVE: We will be playing at Berlin´s only Steampunk location, 12° Aetherloge, Frankfurter Allee 24!

Feline going astray AGAIN: featured on OLDBOY´s new hip hop track:

We are almost there: Millionärswahl in German TV: only one round to go and we will show SCIENCE FICTION on TV – with orchestra, choir, dancers, and: SPACE SHIP! If you are registered – vote for us: to see this show!

7th – Feline going astray again: singing both Cherubino arias at a charity gala in Berlin. Classics again after quite a long time – will be fun!

We are offered a publishing contract from a Chicago based agency *yum*. Still thinking – as that would mean we couldn´t offer as much to you for free anymore…

Liebe Fans, Dear Fans: We need your help! (no, this isn´t about money)

November 2013

SCIENCE FICTION (das Album) ist gefeatured mit 8 Sendungen als Platte der Woche (KW48)

WHY ME rotating on Radio Okerwelle


Kepler 78B is discovered. And we get a shock: This is our HOME! Read more

LOVE IS UTTERLY OVERRATED rotating on Radio Hertz

October 2013

Of course I´m trying to sell our music (as it´s royalty free and thus we don´t earn money when it´s played noncommercially) to movies. I´d love to hear our songs from the big screen! And I just got this feedback after submitting SCIENCE FICTION: “You all are awesome and seem to take great pride in the attention to the details… I have submitted “End Of The World” to my producers. I hope I can get a call and notify you guys that I have a placement for this one also. Again, I really appreciate your sound and I will be in touch.”  It feels so good to be on the right path, I can´t tell you. (Will write a song about it.)

Natürlich versuche ich unsere Musik (die ja GEMA-frei ist, so daß wir nichts verdienen, wenn sie nichtkommerziell gespielt wird) an Filme zu verkaufen. Vor allem aber, weil ich unsere Songs von der großen Leinwand hören will! Und ich habe gerade dieses Feedback zu SCIENCE FICTION von einem Musikproduzenten aus den USA bekommen: “Ihr seid alle großartig und legt offenbar großen Wert auf Details… Ich habe “End of the world” an meine Produzenten geschickt. Ich hoffe, es klappt und ich kann Euch sagen, daß ich auch für diesen Song eine Platzierung bekomme. Nochmal, ich schätze Euren Sound wirklich und werde mich melden.” Es fühlt sich SO gut an, auf dem richtigen Weg zu sein, ich kann´s gar nicht sagen. (Ich werde einen Song darüber schreiben.)

Video zu “I should have told you before” will be released the week before Halloween – and our CD Release!

Amusio says we´d crumble the borders of pop music. If only we had more money for PR. We´re working on it! zitty writes some very nice words about SCIENCE FICTION. Read on PRESS!

Erste Rezensionen zu SCIENCE FICTION: Amusio schreibt, wir würden die Grenzen der Popmusik erschüttern (hätten wir nur mehr Mittel für Marketing). Wir arbeiten dran! Sehr nette Worte auch in der zitty. Nachlesen auf PRESSE!

September 2013

Feline going astray: I´ll be singing on yet another Record Release of my good friend and Tango singer Fer Miceli. On his new album “Arrabal y Exilio” I did a duet with him, back to my Tango Argentino roots!

Feline auf Abwegen: NOCH eine Record Release, mit meinem guten Freund und Tangosänger Fernando Miceli. Auf seinem neuen Album “Arrabal y Exilio” hatte ich die Ehre, ein Duett mit ihm zu singen – zurück zu meinen Tango-Wurzeln!

August 2013

I just got the idea to build a fan playground. Because I wish to give you more than information about when our next gig is or how the new cover looks like. I´ll post there not only gimmicks for CD purchasers, but also some advice that may come in handy, and a strange blog with some insights. maybe you´ll like it. Maybe not. But I´m sure to get many new songs out of those blog entries, so don´t be surprised if you recognize some stuff later on. It´s all egoistic, you see?


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