Feline and Strange


Dark Cabaret made in Berlin
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Kunst Fordert Opfer

Das neue deutsche Album mit den bösartigen Singles DOKTOR DOKTOR und KUNST FORDERT OPFER, aber auch dem hintersinnigen KEINACHTEN und dem Opus Magnum REQUIEM.



The biggest work I have ever made. A 17 minute song cycle and video film about the end of everything. And the beauty lying therein.

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The Tour

#howcanartnotbepolitical these days? Cyberpunk meets art shit and dystopian storytelling in a dark theatrical multimedia show between METROPOLIS and BLADE RUNNER. With opera, punk, cello, piano, synths and ukulele we deliver an aurical feast you have never heard the like before. Yes, also as streams. All our sets are unique and carefully curated for each event.

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Too real for many. Too intense for most. Too good to miss.
Dark Cabaret *Berlin

Mind-boggling opera and tango singer Feline Lang and her cello chief Christoph Klemke are Feline and Strange: epic punk cabaret songs in a unique theatrical style. The Berlin based band (vocs, piano, cello, electronics, ukulele, percussion) brings to mind 1920ies Science Fiction silent movies soundtracked in a Berlin underground club of the 1980ies - a time trip de force with a much too modern attitude. Unlike anything you ever heard. Unlikely to ever forget. 200% of everything.

  • Feminist freakshow, steampunked.

  • Mezzosoprano, strings, piano, drama.

  • Darkwave, synths and Darkness of the Soul.

  • Rage against no matter what, with boots.

The Band

Feline Lang

The powerful voice, and brain
Voice, electronics, piano, accordion, ukulele… Tango chanteuse, dancer, an opera singer, actress, producer, director, writer, and whatever is fun on this planet.

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