live performance

Love is (Utterly Overrated)

Words/Music/Arrangement: Feline Lang

A Polka about former love affairs. With a very small accordion.
The first one taught me how to kiss
although he himself didn´t know
He took me to rock gigs and the basketball court
and gave me a necklace with a heart on
– too short!
He cried when I left cause he bored me to death.
Love is utterly overrated -This one ain´t the one
Everything´s said and doneThe second was some philosopher,
He told me he knew what life is about
I listened, said thank you and left while he read.
I wrote him a note but took it with me
cause that would have started a war
And I won´t go that farThe third one was really a pretty boy,
A dancer, he knew how to move
He tried to teach me what he thought I had to know
and my mood making love was at an alltime low –
but I learned a lot
And he really was hot

Are you waiting now for an happy end? That I finally found true love?
Well, if I did I wouldn´t tell anyone
cause lots of men are there under the sun
and I want them to know that a girl can say no!

Love is utterly overrated —- Whenever I thought it´s the one
I found out he was what I hated – So come that I finally stated:
Love is utterly overrated, Everything´s said and done

from SCIENCE FICTION, released 31 October 2013



What is the correct colour for a cat’s corset? Hint: it’s not black.

Was ist die richtige Farbe für das Korsett eines Katzenwesens? Hinweis: Schwarz ist es nicht.

Finde die Antwort hier. Feline&Strange wird Dir dabei helfen.

Nicht gefunden? Not found? Oh come on. If you don`t want to read all news, use the search function. Have a look at the article about this band, follow the link, and answer the question. You did see the pictures, right? Hint: It’s the English word, which also exists in German, but for another type of the same colour.

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