The Doll´s House – EP and novel


´Twas 2020, and the plague rolled over the planet.

Mishkin Fitzgerald (birdeatsbaby), Feline´s close friend, is like her not someone who can sit still and wait. She sent Feline a draft of a creepy song and some lines that went around inside her head. Feline immediately jumped to the bait and wrote not only an even more creepy song lyric out of those lines, but a second song as well. With Sit Kitty Sit´s Kat Downs in the boat, the three ladies of horror music finished the EP THE DOLL´S HOUSE. While Mishkin was busy with production, Feline started writing down more stories, which very soon became the start of a novel. DAS PUPPENHAUS /THE DOLL´S HOUSE will be released in 2023; the first chapters are already available on More info about the book, and the mini musical we produced

The first reading (deutsch and english)
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