The Doll´s House – EP, album, and novel

´Twas 2020, and the plague rolled over the planet.

Mishkin Fitzgerald (birdeatsbaby), Feline´s close friend, is (like her) not someone who can sit still and wait. She sent Feline a draft of a creepy song and some lines and rhymes. Feline immediately jumped to the bait and made not only an even more creepy song lyric out of those lines, but wrote a second song as well. With Sit Kitty Sit´s Kat Downs in the boat, these three ladies of dark music finished the EP THE DOLL´S HOUSE. While Mishkin was busy with production, Feline started writing down more stories around these characters, which very soon became the start of a novel. DAS PUPPENHAUS /THE DOLL´S HOUSE is published in November 2023 after being released in parts on And the EP is completed with audio book tracks in German and English and music by feline&strange, Kurt “Pyrolator” Dahlke, Spinne am Abend and Christian von Aster into a full audio companion CD and released on Foxy Records together with the book.

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