End of the world – T/M/ARR Feline Lang – On “Science Fiction” (2012)

On the record, you will find a second version with a baroque piano arrangement.

(Based on true stories told to me by band members, and read in the news)

Emma was strolling the streets everyday

We kids called her names and went out of her way

Nobody knew if she was happy or sad

where she came from or how she went mad

Ten day she was dead when her neighbours got scared

They opened her door and found her lying there

on a filthy heap of thousands of pounds

she was a poor poor wealthy one

This is the end of the world

This is the point from where there´s no return

This is the end of the world

Maggie got into her car one day

she took the kids, but the dog had to stay

Her husband was working, sent kisses by phone

she didn´t hear him ring, didn´t want to stay home

The kids quarreled on on the backseat forever

She drove to a cliff far far over a river

and when the road bent she just didn´t stop

the car went on and on over the top

Nobody knows what his neighbour is thinking

Nobody asks why their windows are blind

Nobody wonders what ships they are sinking

and nobody, nobody ever sees them dying

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