Collab: Divided we stand

It´s so great to be part of the international Steampunk community! Our long term friend Anais Noir from Poison Garden (Rome) asked us to participate in her charity song and video during corona times. Here it is! Can you spot and name all the amazing superstars?

Here´s what Poison Garden say:

“Sometimes “Crisis” might mean ” Opportunity”. This Lockdown was our opportunity to support the Covid-19 Appeal of the International Red Cross.  Buying this song, through this link, is YOUR opportunity to support it as well: All profits will be donated to the International Red Cross.

And here´s the solution of our guessing game. Did you recognize everyone?

Brian Viglione – Dresden Dolls
Robert Brown – Abney Park
Tobias McCurry – Maker and Singer
Comte Caspar – Coppelius
Max Coppella – Coppelius
John Sprocket – The Cog is Dead
Parker Sharp – Marquis of Vaudeville
Samantha Stephenson – Frenchy and the Punk
Scott Helland – Frenchy and the Punk
Feline Lang – Feline and strange
Rah Hell – Feline and strange
Cristoph Klemke – Feline and strange
Mishkin Fitzgerald – Birdseatbaby
Marko Mittka Hempf – La Frontera Victoriana
Friederich Eugenius – La Frontera Victoriana
Dr. Isidior von Gruvenstein – La Frontera Victoriana
Ronald von Nankofen – La Frontera Victoriana
Joshua A. Pfeiffer – Vernian Process
Martin Irigoyen – Vernian Process
Tayliss Forge – Model
Thomas Willeford – Maker/sculptor
Arthur Morgan – Author
Emi Stelloni – Model
Linda Fairyina Woldhek – Event Manager and Model
Paul Woldhek – Event Manager
Nat Kz – Model 

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