MODERN CONVERSATION – video, lyrics, making of

Industrial Electro-Punk with all the aggression “Gettin’ Angry” (TRUTHS) promised. Brian plays the dumpster, among other things. Out of control.
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My car my house my boat my horse
my kids my name my wits my game
my life my blight my hate my fight
my guts my brain my god my shame
No matter how good your life – complain
No matter how dark your soul – preach
No matter how empty your purse – spend
No matter how deep your love – cheat
Me Me Me Next! Cash Is Glee Next!
See see see Next! Pay the fee Next!
Your fault your bad your kid your bed
your race your blame your sex your shame
your voice your fate your choice your state
your job your hands your nose your friends
No matter how sharp your mind – play stupid
No matter how bright your future – keep it low
No matter how daft your betters – hail them
No matter how white your skin – adapt
Lie lie lie Next! Try Cry Bye Next!
My my my Next! Why why why Next!
No matter what you know – ignore it
No matter where you are- don‘t listen
No matter what you saw – forget it
No matter if you care – don‘t understand
No eye contact no heartfelt act
and don‘t you never never ever
Never say the truth
from OUT, released March 23, 2017
words/music/synths/lead vocals: Feline Lang
Percussion, back vocals: Christoph Klemke
drums, percussion, back vocals: Brian Viglione
bass, back vocals: Tyler KouqJ Garrett
Additional Background vocals: Nick Cove (Paradrei)
Making of – feat. Brian Viglione
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