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On LIES (motor 2015)

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Don’t touch me – Your fingers burn like acid. Don’t comfort me – What could you say that helps? Don’t say a word – Your voice thrums like a lear jet
My ears are sore from listening, They won’t reload what you just said – They hurt Like hell

I´m hurt – I´m hurt – my world is flaking – my heart is breaking – I´m hurt – words are making me hurt

I don’t need you, won’t hold you – I can go on alone. Feel helpless, feel senseless But won’t show it anymore. You’re selfish you’re godlike – I can’t decide which one is true. My soul is aching from the load – Can’t stand can’t stay I run abroad- It hurts Like hell

Don’t you feel it – Don’t you smell the smoke? Are you not afraid Of the backlash
Don’t you hear it coming – Don’t you know its name – Don’t you run yet – It will come for you, Too…

TRUTH No. 16: What could you say that helps?

Follow the lead of the first Earthly lover, Eve, and hunt for apples. Look for the rhyme, and enter it here.

Folge der ersten Liebenden der Erde, Eva, und jage nach Äpfeln. Such den Reim, und gib ihn  hier ein. 

Folge dem ersten Link, und such den großen roten Button: Der Text darauf reimt sich. Gib den ganzen Satz ein.

Follow the 1st Link, and look for a big red button.The text on that thing rhymes. Enter the whole sentence.

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