Feline solo – Electro Show

The fierce lead singer of “Berlin´s weirdness manifested” (Legacy Magazine) also performs solo! Of course you can have Feline hammering the keys of any piano in reach with our without proper clothing while yelling at the audience, but did you know she also performs electronic club shows?

The new solo show “Cult” is a sneak peek at the next feline&Strange album CULT which will portray nine goddesses, some of them new in the pantheon, some reinterpreted, in the multimedial shape of oracle cards. The show sums up this ambitious concept, tying in the band´s past ventures into soothsaying and divination like LILITH, CASSANDRA´S TWIN, MEDUSA and others.

Why do we need new goddesses?

Whether you are a spiritual being or not, religious behaviour and stereotypes are ingrained deeply into all our cultures. We swear, pray and curse in the name of deities we never believed in. And by doing so, we reproduce their dated and mostly aggressively patriarchal world view, and can´t let the ongoing change shape the world we all want to live in even if some of us claim otherwise: peaceful, abundant, in harmony with all other beings, whatever they are or prefer to be.

Feline sees art as a philosophical tool, as a means to actually tackle people´s opinions and behaviour. While a bias can´t be changed by logical arguments or scientific facts, it is possible to do so on a deep emotional level, where music goes more than any other form of art.

What does the show look like?

Feline performs with a minimal technical kit an electronic live act which is as suitable at a DJ desk as on a theatrical stage. There will never be a performance involving Feline without visual and theatrical focus, but the show itself can be adapted to any kind of venue. It involves accordingly more or less change of costume and props, audience interaction, and guest stars as dancers. A new and special element of this show is Feline´s electric violin which will also be a major part of upcoming feline&Strange band shows.

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