HELLO WORLD – Lyrics & live video

Hello World – Words&Music: Feline Lang

A song about the dire need to become famous. Because WHO EVER LISTENS TO ME?!

Strolling down a crowded street – feeling invisible,
people bumping into me – it´s incredible
I climb up a lantern post to – shout my name to you:
Look up, people, hark who´s talking cause I want you to…

Hello World – is it me you´re waiting for –
is it you I´m looking for or are we just deceiving
Hello World – tell me is it truth I see:
did you always wait for me and long for what I´m giving?

I am not a humble person – I am mercury.
Words are always part of my life – coming easily
So I´ll talk to all the world now – like I always did.
But how do I make them listen to my precious wit?

I am hanging on my post now – having all the crowd.
People listen, all assembled, – wait for me to talk
But as I can see their faces – I stop thinking tall:
I can see the future and feel pretty small…

Love me – hold me – pay me – need me – hear me – want me

TRUTH No. 7 :I can see the future and feel pretty small

Find the hands and the face here. What name would you give the owner of both? Come back then, and enter the solution here.

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