Cover Doll´s House

The Doll´s House – EP and novel

The Doll´s House by Feline Lang, Mishkin Fitzgerald, Kat Downs ´Twas 2020, and the plague rolled over the planet. Mishkin Fitzgerald (birdeatsbaby), Feline´s close friend, is like her not someone who can sit still and wait. She sent Feline a draft of a creepy song and some lines that went around inside her head. Feline Read more about The Doll´s House – EP and novel[…]

How does Patreon work? (dt./engl.)

Although I´m super happy that our family is growing, there still is a lot of misunderstandings about patreon as this form of support is still almost unique and rather complicated. So I decided to write a kind of manual in both German and English to clarify, and will share this as well. Feel free to Read more about How does Patreon work? (dt./engl.)[…]

ALL the Patreon posts as a list!

Loverlies, Patreon is really great and made me make things I had never dreamt of. But as a blog system, it sucks. So here´s the actual archive, sorted by topics, and from oldest to newest! Pick whatever is of interest to you. Theatre works – Tutorials – Backstage reports – Patreon insiders – Tour Blog Read more about ALL the Patreon posts as a list![…]

Los geh die Welt retten

Der Song zur Covidiotendemo. Ich habe die Nase voll und meine Band auch. Ab nächster Woche sind wir wieder getrennt, wer weiß wie lange. Nur neun Shows vor Publikum haben wir dieses Jahr spielen können (letztes Jahr waren es fast 50), nur eine davon bezahlt. Und wer ist schuld? Bisher: das Virus. Ab hier: die Read more about Los geh die Welt retten[…]

Kunst fordert Opfer

Der Song zur Krise. Als freiberufliche Künstlerin, als Selbständige allgemein, bin ich es ja mein Leben lang gewohnt, verarscht, ausgebeutet, gedisst und als Abschaum der Gesellschaft betrachtet zu werden, während wir selbst und ständig arbeiten, 16 und mehr Stunden am Tag. Mal ausschlafen wäre schön. Mehr Steuern zahlen als andere, unter Generalverdacht der Schwarzarbeit stehen Read more about Kunst fordert Opfer[…]

About mental health, and a new record

I wrote a blog on Patreon about the making of the new album (TRIGGER WARNING). It is intense. One of the post about mental health was so important for me that I made it public. Click through to the original post to also read the beautiful comments <3 If you´re a patreon, you can Read more about About mental health, and a new record[…]

Little Boxes (OUT)

#howcanartnotbepolitical A badass piano punk about narrowmindedness. Out of the box. I make my living from: selling boxeswith little people who live inside.Come to my shop and watch through the window!The little ones don‘t see you, and they won‘t hide.I stack all the boxes to neat little towersto shoo the little people out to look Read more about Little Boxes (OUT)[…]