Kunst fordert Opfer

Der Song zur Krise. Als freiberufliche Künstlerin, als Selbständige allgemein, bin ich es ja mein Leben lang gewohnt, verarscht, ausgebeutet, gedisst und als Abschaum der Gesellschaft betrachtet zu werden, während wir selbst und ständig arbeiten, 16 und mehr Stunden am Tag. Mal ausschlafen wäre schön. Mehr Steuern zahlen als andere, unter Generalverdacht der Schwarzarbeit stehen Read more about Kunst fordert Opfer[…]

Statement zur Lage der Nation – aus Sicht einer performenden Künstlerin

Im Rahmen unserer Liveshow (Stream) gestern habe ich ein Statement verlesen, das mir richtig und wichtig schien. Unter dem Video (nach dem 2. Song, das Video sollte eigentlich genau dort starten) der komplette Text. Das erste, was ich heute morgen las, war ein Zitat von Bundeskanzlerin Merkel. (Edit: heute übrigens dementiert, und bei Reuters und Read more about Statement zur Lage der Nation – aus Sicht einer performenden Künstlerin[…]


NEXT Upcoming Dates – Nächste Showzeiten (doesn´t that sound like in a zoo, announcing the feeding times? well it is! Don´t ignore the hopping red button on the bottom right, it tells you how to feed us for making more shows!) PAST ZUM DARKSTREAM: HIER LANG! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXigObph1IMD09ydX9OtZLQ Den STREAMBALL findet Ihr HIER! More shows:


Our published music and selected merch is available per mailorder on bandcamp. This includes the intricate artwork, like, the comic book for TRUTHS, the paper theatre for OUT, the steampunk code disc origami for LIES, the artbook and folder tabletop oracle game for TRIGGER WARNING, the infamous #howcanartnotbepolitical shirt… Trigger Warning by Feline & Strange Read more about SHOP[…]

FS in the social media

Dig down our facebook profile! We keep it personal and authentic, but you can also find all the important infos there to click&share. Help us become a household name! And shhhh… did you know we also have a group?! The Spaceship Crew Our YouTube channel shows you all our Art, and live streams, and live Read more about FS in the social media[…]

ALL the Patreon posts as a list!

Loverlies, Patreon is really great and made me make things I had never dreamt of.But as a blog system, it sucks.So here´s the actual archive, sorted by topics, and from oldest to newest! Pick whatever is of interest to you. Theatre works – Tutorials – Backstage reports – Patreon insiders – Tour Blog and Live Read more about ALL the Patreon posts as a list![…]

About mental health, and a new record

I wrote a blog on Patreon about the making of the new album (TRIGGER WARNING). It is intense. One of the post about mental health was so important for me that I made it public. Click through to the original post to also read the beautiful comments <3 https://www.patreon.com/posts/day-8-tw-mental-30032473 If you´re a patreon, you can Read more about About mental health, and a new record[…]

STEAMBALL: Dark Voices: a cappella singing workshop mit Stimmgewalt

EnglishDo you like singing, under the shower or even on stage? Do you like epic melodies and dark bass sounds? Would you like to combine both and have a unique experience while singing a cappella gothic songs? Welcome to the Dark Voices workshop!Hello there, we are Stimmgewalt, a vocal band made of twelve voices and Read more about STEAMBALL: Dark Voices: a cappella singing workshop mit Stimmgewalt[…]