Deutsche Version: DER ARBEIT-SONG #HowCanArtNotBePolitical? Feline & Strange have asked since 2017. With relentless, gloomy or sarcastic statements against sexism and for climate protection, the band has not only created devoted fans, but also bitter enemies. But does that shut them up? Not even remotely! Instead, this time opera singer Feline Lang uses the style Read more about THE WORK – SONG[…]

Der Arbeit-Song - Cover


english version: THE WORK-SONG #HowCanArtNotBePolitical? fragen Feline&Strange seit 2017. Mit unerbittlichen, düsteren oder sarkastischen Statements gegen Sexismus und für den Klimaschutz hat sich die Band nicht nur ergebene Fans, sondern auch erbitterte Feinde geschaffen. Aber deshalb die Klappe halten? Weit gefehlt! Stattdessen bedient sich die Opernsängerin Feline Lang diesmal aus dem stilistischen Fundus des obersten Read more about DER ARBEIT-SONG[…]


DEUTSCHE SEITE Next release: HYPFEN! (jetzt.) Pre-Save!  This is a song that could only have born during a streaming festival – in the chat! Because it is based on the spelling joke omnipresent in the Gothic scene to replace suitable (or not so suitable) letters with less used ones to make the word look ancient Read more about KUNST FORDERT OPFER (english)[…]

Keinachten / Nolidays

..,schon wieder… Eigentlich sollte es in 2021 ja einen neuen Text für die offizielle Release von KEINACHTEN und NOLIDAYS geben. Aber irgendwie hat sich gar nichts verändert… Also gibt es “nur” neue Versionen, neu aufgenommen, neu geremixt und natürlich neu vervideot. In Deutsch und Englisch.  I had to make smaller changes than expected to adapt this Read more about Keinachten / Nolidays[…]

Cover Doll´s House

The Doll´s House – EP and novel

The Doll´s House by Feline Lang, Mishkin Fitzgerald, Kat Downs   ´Twas 2020, and the plague rolled over the planet. Mishkin Fitzgerald (birdeatsbaby), Feline´s close friend, is like her not someone who can sit still and wait. She sent Feline a draft of a creepy song and some lines that went around inside her head. Read more about The Doll´s House – EP and novel[…]


NACHSPIEL – Steampunk Musik Kollektiv

Out now: der Cover-Reigen vom STEAMPUNK MUSIK KOLLEKTIV! 7 Steampunk-Bands werfen sich ihre besten Songs zu und machen etwas völlig Neues draus. Unseren Beitrag “FINALIS” von Jessnes gibt es außer auf den gängigen Plattformen auf Patreon und bandcamp The Family zum Download in CD-Qualität! Uns wiederum haben Tales of Nebelheym gecovert – mit INAPPROPRIATE 🙂

How does Patreon work? (dt./engl.)

Although I´m super happy that our family is growing, there still is a lot of misunderstandings about patreon as this form of support is still almost unique and rather complicated. So I decided to write a kind of manual in both German and English to clarify, and will share this as well. Feel free to Read more about How does Patreon work? (dt./engl.)[…]

ALL the Patreon posts as a list!

Loverlies, Patreon is really great and made me make things I had never dreamt of. But as a blog system, it sucks. So here´s the actual archive, sorted by topics, and from oldest to newest! Pick whatever is of interest to you. Theatre works – Tutorials – Backstage reports – Patreon insiders – Tour Blog Read more about ALL the Patreon posts as a list![…]