ALL the Patreon posts as a list!


Patreon is really great and made me make things I had never dreamt of.

But as a blog system, it sucks.

So here´s the actual archive, sorted by topics, and from oldest to newest! Pick whatever is of interest to you.

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Canteatro – the opera troupe

Video: Other performances (partly weird) Tango, Flamenco, Session, Club orchestra…

Live on stage – with other artists

Figaroooo! Video of my opera project with the Dasch family

SCIENCE FICTION – The Movie (First Draft)

THE DANCE THEATRE – FULL MOON CABARET MADNESS— On the Run Dance Video! Full Moon Cabaret — Lilith! Dance Theatre (FFN) Full Moon Cabaret — Full Moon Password

Swing Kids – My version of the political 1940ies movie as a musical with extremely talented teens

The Lost Lyrics – art book download — The Lost Lyrics – Full Photo Set (7+)


Anleitung zum Singen (deutsch) — Singing Guide (english)


Recording sessions LIES — Making of LIES – Brian Viglione does voodoo — Sampling & Noise fun for LIES

Comedy & Backstage

OUT cover

Video Making CASSANDRA´S TWIN: UPDATE! — Behind the scenes of CASSANDRA´S TWIN! — Cassandra´s Twin – First still photos! — Cassandra´s Twin – Making of 😀

tw: Preproduction Phase 4: check! — tw: DAY ONE! — tw: Day twooo!— tw: Day 3 drumsdrumsdrums — tw: Day 4. Piano day! — tw: Day 5. Kevin and beer — tw: Day 9, Silly Photos #2 — tw: Day 10: PHOTOS!


1st Goal: Animal Crackers

365 Songs – the BIG goal: How many songs can I write in one year?




until 2015

Official videos by Feline&Strange

Kenn ich weiß ich (Been there done that – DEUTSCH) – Selfie Edition


LONELY GIRL -live – 1st single from TRUTHS!!!
Dearest,this is the first official video for TRUTHS
The Train. Old, and new. (OUT) (original swing band version)
HOW MUCH (OUT) download (3+)
City by the Sea download (3+)
The Rat (patreon exclusive)
Gettin´ Angry, reloaded! (cover by Stimmgewalt)
ORIGINS (patreon exclusive) — ORIGINS (3+ patrons)
Rants, rainbows, and deutsch (INAPPROPRIATE in German, and Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and first band version PLEASE DIE) — March downloads! (3+)

I. Am. An. Iceberg. You have been warned. (TW) — I AM AN ICEBERG download (3+)




No fear. (Paris attacks)

Is this a crisis?

Old fashioned art

Please die – Update, and another warning

And another update…

What have you done for the first time this year?

Leipzig, Online show, Cello trouble

#howcanartnotbepolitical – 1: City by the Sea

SCIENCE FICTION: the real story

Hello back!

Life, and death (RIP Danny)

tw: Day 6 Early Start

tw: Day 7 – Iceberg Day

Day 8 – tw: mental health

tw: Day 9. Day 2 of mental decloseting.

tw: Day 11. NO SLEEP. 

tw: Day 12 and 13

tw: Day 14

tw: Day 15-18 – catching up…!!!

Day 21+22 – 29th/30st – TEA PARTY! And saying Rah goodbye 🙁

tw: Guest blog: RAH TALKS!

tw: Day 23 – Oct 1st. A bloody long one, about loneliness, Lobotomy, and Mishkin






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