Album OUT (2017)

Click through to the songs on this playlist for all lyrics!<a href=””>TRUTHS by Feline &amp; Strange</a> OUT (2017) With OUT Feline&Strange go beyond. Again. Mit OUT überschreiten Feline&Strange alle Grenzen. Wieder einmal. Fully streamlined into an Electro Wave Cabaret duo, Feline Lang (vocals, piano, synths, melodica) & Christoph Klemke (cello, percussion, back vocals) rock, with the Read more about Album OUT (2017)[…]

Uh, I’m so sorry – Lyrics, music, video

Yes, I admit, I am the bad one in this situation – And to think I wanted nothing from you but just a little appreciation. When I hurled that glass at you I thought I´d miss you, honestly! Your eardrum split just because, well, you didn´t listen properly Uh – I´m so sorry. Never meant Read more about Uh, I’m so sorry – Lyrics, music, video[…]

Stop Asking (Lyrics/music/video)

STOP ASKING on LIES (2015) – Words&music: Feline Lang LIES by Feline & Strange I wish I could stop thinking about everything I do or see. Why do I know what will happen, why do I feel responsible for everything I do? I wish I could live peacefully without my conscience´s gravity. Not hear not Read more about Stop Asking (Lyrics/music/video)[…]

HURT – Lyrics, Music, Chords, Video

On LIES (motor 2015) Stream&Buy the released/mastered version: LIES by Feline & Strange Don’t touch me – Your fingers burn like acid. Don’t comfort me – What could you say that helps? Don’t say a word – Your voice thrums like a lear jet My ears are sore from listening, They won’t reload what you Read more about HURT – Lyrics, Music, Chords, Video[…]

Album TRUTHS (2015)

Click through to the songs on this playlist for all lyrics! <a href=””>TRUTHS by Feline &amp; Strange</a> Shop the CD – Steelbook with comic book! TRUTHS (2016) ist eine exklusiven Metallbox veröffentlicht (zur Not auch als stumpfe Schlagwaffe verwendbar) und enthält eine 32seitige Graphic Novel von Leadsängerin und Gesamtkünstlerin Feline Lang, die die im Roman Read more about Album TRUTHS (2015)[…]


Words/Music/Arrangement: Feline Lang This is Jazz. Classical, with Double Bass and Piano, and Trombone. Did you ever try to revive a dying relationship by sheer force? Well, I did. And I won. This is the tale about it. * You had your chance To knock me out When you Had me crying On the floor Read more about AIN´T YOU GLAD – Lyrics[…]

SCIENCE FICTION – A Space Opera – Video and Lyrics

stream&buy: SCIENCE FICTION by Feline & Strange I´ve landed on this planet some dozen years ago but yet I didn´t master life as one of its inhabitants I walk beside them and observe their strange behaviour which I don´t fancy anymore. So now I´ll leave!   I´ve built a little space ship around my lonely Read more about SCIENCE FICTION – A Space Opera – Video and Lyrics[…]

A Real Woman – Lyrics and Video

On LIES (2015) Words: Feline Lang, Music: Christoph Klemke & Feline Lang Can´t do maths, Can´t drive, Don´t like to carry heavy loads. Can´t dispute, Can´t think angular, Am afraid of spiders and toads. Without my lipstick I am broke, Who´s got chocolate has won. Without my handbag I feel naked, And it´s weighing a Read more about A Real Woman – Lyrics and Video[…]