Stop Asking (Lyrics/music/video)

STOP ASKING on LIES (2015) – Words&music: Feline Lang LIES by Feline & Strange I wish I could stop thinking about everything I do or see. Why do I know what will happen, why do I feel responsible for everything I do? I wish I could live peacefully without my conscience´s gravity. Not hear not Read more about Stop Asking (Lyrics/music/video)[…]

HURT – Lyrics, Music, Chords, Video

On LIES (motor 2015) Stream&Buy the released/mastered version: LIES by Feline & Strange Don’t touch me – Your fingers burn like acid. Don’t comfort me – What could you say that helps? Don’t say a word – Your voice thrums like a lear jet My ears are sore from listening, They won’t reload what you Read more about HURT – Lyrics, Music, Chords, Video[…]

SCIENCE FICTION – A Space Opera – Video and Lyrics

stream&buy: SCIENCE FICTION by Feline & Strange I´ve landed on this planet some dozen years ago but yet I didn´t master life as one of its inhabitants I walk beside them and observe their strange behaviour which I don´t fancy anymore. So now I´ll leave!   I´ve built a little space ship around my lonely Read more about SCIENCE FICTION – A Space Opera – Video and Lyrics[…]

I SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU BEFORE – Lyrics and Video (Vintage Burlesque Edition)

Jeder hat ja so seine Probleme im Leben. Manche haben große Probleme, manche haben kleine. Manche haben sogar mittlere. Aber ich habe schon ein ganz spezielles Problem. Ich meine, nur weil mir ab und zu Fell und Reißzähne wachsen, habe ich doch wohl trotzdem ein Recht auf Liebe – oder??? Dedicated to Sergeant Angua from Read more about I SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU BEFORE – Lyrics and Video (Vintage Burlesque Edition)[…]


Love is (Utterly Overrated) Words/Music/Arrangement: Feline Lang A Polka about former love affairs. With a very small accordion.   The first one taught me how to kissalthough he himself didn´t knowHe took me to rock gigs and the basketball courtand gave me a necklace with a heart on– too short!He cried when I left cause Read more about LOVE IS (UTTERLY OVERRATED)[…]

HELLO WORLD – Lyrics & live video

Hello World – Words&Music: Feline Lang A song about the dire need to become famous. Because WHO EVER LISTENS TO ME?! Strolling down a crowded street – feeling invisible, people bumping into me – it´s incredible I climb up a lantern post to – shout my name to you: Look up, people, hark who´s talking Read more about HELLO WORLD – Lyrics & live video[…]