BERLIN`S A BITCH – video and lyrics

The band’s contribution to Heimatmusik. Includes a traditional Leierkasten break in Berlin-German (with the crew of FARGO singing along). The rest is fun punk, and Brian throws his sticks a few times. Out of this city.

Berlin´s… a bitch, legs wide open to who may pay, but nobody will.
This whore is too dirty and way too willing. Berlin´s a bitch. I´m stuck like in a pot of gruel! the city pretends it´s offering future, and yet there is nothing but past.

Dust blooms, showrooms, noisy rooms and drunken grooms,first love in a hazel grove, planes above, boring enough,dog poops, tourist groups, drum loops, beer puddle goops, fashion infection, pirate´s faction, movie sets: and action!

Berlin´s a bitch. I´ve lived here way too long. It´s time to move. But where should I run? These bounds are strong.

metro fail, slush and hail, mate tea is holy grail, spoiled brats, lousy cats fighting dogs and dirty rats, prison cell rings a bell, vomit smell stinks as hell, market fleas, hands to grease, smoker´s wheeze, you want a piece?

Berlin´s a bitch. it infects me with hipster germs. I´m wearing beanies…! when did that start?

jet lags, men with shags, cotton bags with smartass tags, music permitted, mayor outwitted, teeth gritted as far as you spit it, bare tits, Mutterwitz, frayed tights with sequin glitz, Schwaben hate, Brandenburg Gate, busses are always too late, Motz sellers, fortune tellers, breakfast clubs in dark cellars, wannabes, strange yogi teas, skinny legs in funny tees, fake beaches, border breaches, lakes with leeches, Conny and Peaches, Russian models, cheap hostels, turkish pimps, how do you want it?!

Berlin´s a bitch, and as bitches are this one´s tough and makes tough, too. No other way to survive. Well, here we are now…
Und doch komm ich imma zurück zu dir, mein Berlin, mein Berlin. Ich kann eben einfach nicht lassen von dir, ick muß doch imma wieda hin…Du bist wie de bist und dit lob ick mir, mein Berlin, mein Berlin. Ick kann doch nicht anders, ick liebe dir, du jehst mir nicht ausm Sinn.
Berlin´s a bitch and she´s got me in her heart and somehow entered mine, too – and I can´t leave

from OUT, released March 23, 2017
I wrote this in residency in Marseille, funded by musicboard and Goethe Institute. But the video was funded entirely by patreon.
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