RESTART FROM ZERO – patreon-only

Patreon post with song download


tomorrow´s the big day, my first cooperation (and hopefully not the last) with the glorious Mishkin Fitzgerald is to be released – patreon-exclusive of course!

To prepare you for this event, here´s a new version of RESTART FROM ZERO which I Thinged in September, written in Derbyshire and posted with a shitty laptop-microphone-recording. You deserve better – even if it´s not the final version!

It´s kinda related to the duet anyway, you´ll hear what I mean tomorrow.

I´m not thinging it of course as you already paid for it in September 😀



here´s, as Steve put it, your monthly dose of „Feline and strangeness“!

It´ s dark, it´ s apocalyptic, I hope you enjoy it 😀

I wrote it in 3 days starting with a doodle you can see in the image above (as promised). It´s a page from a „Songwriter´´  Journal“ I got as a gift, and that makes you doodle and write nonsense or whatever jumps to mind.I can highly recommend it.

As we are currently in Derbyshire staying in a van on BB Blackdog´ s backyard during our UK tour, this is a raw mix I made on my headphones. I recorded the vocals with my computer`´ s internal mic but I actually like how that sounds! Still, as soon as there´ s access again to a microphone, a bass, and some space, I´ ll redo this and give you a new version. And of course, the cello has to go on it. So production time soon! There´ s a few songs waiting to be done properly, I know!

It´ s the same song as WAV and MP3, download whichever you prefer. The official title is Restart from Zero, but I keep calling it The Ark.




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