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Fm Cm | Fm Ab Bb | Fm Cm | Eb F | Ab Bb Eb

What will I be when I lose my bones?

What god carry me through waves of bitterness?

What shall I do when I´m down and out? Will you be there to drag me further?

I think not.

I´ll die alone, all by myself.

Db Fm Eb C | Db Bb Db F | Bb C Eb G

Beauty is my profession – but what will happen the day I lose my eye?

I sing my own words but who will listen when my tongue goes dry?

I´ll die alone, all by myself.

C Fm C Bb |C Fm Ab F

Will I remember flowers, will I remember rain?

will I remember birds and songs like when we were alive?

Will I remember feelings, Will I remember care?

will you remember who I was when I´m no longer there

C F Ebm F

The moments I´m happy in life are while I´m dancing – but my legs are treacherous…

It´s like my life´s just beginning but the truth is hard and life is murderous.

I´ll die so soon and all by myself.

We die and get born and we live and we die…

On TRUTHS (motor 2016)


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