NO LIFE ON MARS – video and lyrics

Bodypainting: Chrische E. Meyer

A failed communication mirrors inside an empty mind, and in a heavy Electro Wave track with a strong 80ies feel. Out of words.


A vast empty desert and a mountain pike no air to breathe
colder than ice no humans wanted neverwhere life is impossible herethis is your mind: I‘m just the intruder
this is your mind – no life on Mars
this is your mind: I‘m just an explorer
this is your mind – no life on MarsYour thoughts race over red sand aimless and scarce, monochrome bland
what is the noise a cry makes that nobody ever hears
Astronaut landed! Contamination contamination – Rocket to damage! No hope
for salvation. skeleton in a pressure suit slowly buried in the cold dust
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I wrote this in residency in La Friche, Marseille. I started with the electronic track, and the file was called MARS1. So I proceeded with the feel of red sand and lonelyness. A few months later David Bowie died.
While the song itself was funded by musicboard Berlin and Goethe Institute Marseille, the video was funded by my patreons.
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