Lonely Girl (TRUTHS) – Lyrics, Video, Music

T/M/Arr Feline Lang

I am the girl Who always knocks on locked doors – Uh, I forgot, did we have a date?
I am the girl Who sits amidst her blue balloons, Waits for the guests that never come To celebrate her birthday all alone

Lonely girl – Don’t pity me – Don’t laugh at me lonely girl.
Lonely girl – Just comfort me – Be there for me – But you won´t be cause I´m a lonely girl (Lonely Girl)

I am the girl Last in the queue to wait for goods That are sold out the moment it’s her turn. I am the girl Who never gets what she paid for Just accusations for the mess that other people did and walked away
I am the girl Who cares that coffee´s made and cookies bought and mugs are rinsed when meeting starts. I am the girl Who cleans up after everyone And never gets a thankyou only has to clear her spot out of your hearts

I am what’s left. When you turn the stone and wait, All the spiders run away from me.
I am what’s left. The last one at the party with that Never ending hope that life Will turn a fairy tale now after all



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