Uh, I’m so sorry – Lyrics, music, video

Yes, I admit, I am the bad one in this situation – And to think I wanted nothing from you but just a little appreciation.
When I hurled that glass at you I thought I´d miss you, honestly! Your eardrum split just because, well, you didn´t listen properly
Uh – I´m so sorry. Never meant to hurt you. Uh, I´m so sorry. Could we start anew?Uh, I´m so sorry, Can we talk it over? I´m so sorry, yes I am, it´s true. I´m so sorry.
Maybe I should have done things in a different style – Well, my way has to get used to as you well know as our years go by.
True, was me who scratched your car but mundane things don´t count at all! When I shot that gun at you I did mention it wasn´t something personal
Why should I apologise? I am what I am and this woman ain’t nice
Take me as I am or go away, and don’t complain anymore if you decide to stay
A pity I hurt you – a pity you sulk. When you started to cry I still wanted to talk
You took me as I am and I like it that way. I won’t change I won’t stop I’ll die if you go away


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