Deutsche Version: DER ARBEIT-SONG

#HowCanArtNotBePolitical? Feline & Strange have asked since 2017. With relentless, gloomy or sarcastic statements against sexism and for climate protection, the band has not only created devoted fans, but also bitter enemies. But does that shut them up? Not even remotely!

Instead, this time opera singer Feline Lang uses the style stock of the supreme idol of political art, Bertolt Brecht, for 


– hinting also in the title at Brechtian traditions – in the good old agitprop manner on the subject of the world of work. The band openly denounces the senseless “bullshit work” (a term borrowed from the books of the sociologists David Graeber and Rutger Bregman, which describes work only for the sake of work, without any productive results, whether physical or psychical) and the false rewards promises by society: “If you want to create, create a tax loophole”.


With the help of the British band birdeatsbaby (horns, mix), the Berlin act Dirty Feetz (trumpets) and her own mother Brigitte Langnickel-Koehler (concert harp), Feline creates a 7-minute opus magnum reminiscent of the Threepenny Opera or the soundtrack of “Babylon Berlin”. Office sounds and choir voices create a delusional intoxication between workaholism and idolatry. Because don’t we all serve the god(dess) Mammon?


Feline filmed the opulent video for the German version of this song with her Swedish camera magician Damón Zurawski, who has already created masterpieces with her on “Cassandra’s Twin”, “The Train”, and “City by the Sea”. Exuberantly and cynically, the film combines allusions to classics of the dystopian and political genre, from “Citizen Kane” to “Brazil”, from “Kuhle Wampe” to “1984”, everything outshone by Feline’s hypnotic portrayal of the almighty magnate who is a victim of their own greed .The revolution devours its children, oh yes, but also the capital.



Do you want a happy life? Then prepare for death.

Do you want to die in peace? I hope your heir is set!

Do you want to build? then you should build a mansion.

The mortgage will be mortifying and your story ends here.


Be what you should, a worker bee. Think what you should, don´t learn something new.

Be grateful for the chance to serve, Be content with working and shuffling and counting and…


And we´re dancing and dancing ´round the golden calf: Work – Buy – Make more money.

We don´t ever think about the other half (Work and money) – All hail to the great god Mammon


You want to be someone? Then go and drive a tank.

You want to earn more? Then you should found a bank.

You want to create? Create a letterbox company.

You want to find the reason? Me too, come sit with me.

Be productive, move money around, be creative, cheat the tax bureau,

Be healthy, don´t ever call in sick, Be relevant, earn more and earn more and earn more


The one who is in need seeks to consume, to fill a void with shopping more and more.

But searching and not finding will destroy you in the end. Do not think, do not think,

Obey, and add, subtract, contract, don´t act, vomit out the grossest of products



Music / Lyrics: Feline Lang

All vocals: Feline Lang

Harp: Brigitte Langnickel-Koehler

Trumpet: Ned (Dirty Feetz)

Baryton: Garry Mitchell (birdeatsbaby)

Drums: Christoph Klemke

Mix: The Nest Studios Brighton

Master: Martin Grünewald



Book, Dircetor, Post: Feline Lang

Camera, Light: Damón Zurawksi


The Goddess Mammon: Feline Lang

The Bullshit-Worker: Christoph Klemke

The Beautiful People: Merlin J. Noack, Anna Karenina, Isa Süßkram, Kerstin Waller

Maske: Vividly Vivacious

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