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Next release: HYPFEN! (jetzt.) Pre-Save! 

This is a song that could only have born during a streaming festival – in the chat! Because it is based on the spelling joke omnipresent in the Gothic scene to replace suitable (or not so suitable) letters with less used ones to make the word look ancient or mysterious (and to make googling it easier). During the 1st Darkstreamfestival, Feline joked in the chat that one day we´d have a black bouncy castle at the biggest of all gothic festivals, the WGT, to make all goths bounce, “hüpfen”. And because we´re goths, we spell it: HYPFEN (BOVNCE). And Feline being Feline she promised to write the hymn for this action.

Now the WGT is going to happen for the first time since the pandemic after a 2-year hiatus. And here´s the hymn.

Enjoy. And bovnce.

And then, Corona. Feline manages to transform the release party for TRIGGER WARNING, no, the 2-day festival STEAMBALL funded by musicboard Berlin, into the STrEAMBALL in only three weeks, as the first ever full online festival in a specially invented streaming format, which has often been copied since then.

After the STrEAMBALL Feline also creates the “Darkstreamfestival” together with other artists to be broadcast in place of the Wave Gotik Treffen to a five-digit number of spectators. After this, the band gets not one but two label offers. 

What luck that Feline had already started to write YET ANOTHER album. 

KUNST FORDERT OPFER (Art demands Sacrifice) will be released in Autumn 2022; four successful singles have already been released. For the first time, all lyrics are in German, but most of the songs are recorded in English too and published separately. More aggressive and provocative than before, KfOis for the first time putting the perspective of freelance artists in the foreground – do you wonder why? In particular, the title single Kunst fordert Opfer made some waves, and the accompanying blog post by Feline was reprinted several times.

DER ARBEIT – SONG / THE WORK – SONG is an opulent hymn about bullshit work and the conditionsless basic income. #howcanartnotbepolitical?

In 2021 also the book “Ich brauche eine Genie” by Kerstin and Sandra Grether is published, presenting lyrics and female personalities from the German pop and punk scene, including Gudrun Gut, Lena Stöhrfaktor, and of course: Feline Lang.

KfO contains bitingly sarcastic electroclash, but also desperate ballads, including a fourteen-minute funeral song to all of western civilization, in which several dozen guest musicians of friends are participating, including bands from the Steampunk Musik Kollektiv, which was founded in 2020 as the umbrella organization for steampunk bands from German-speaking countries and has already released a sampler and an in-house production in just one year. f&s are represented with songs on both and on the third album now in production.

Press reviews on the first singles:

“This is a wonky, smeared lipstick, dishevelled outfit of a song as imagined by someone stumbling home from the last office party to the prospect of spending Christmas Day alone and Boxing Day with family that you don’t want to see the rest of the year. Pleasingly bleak.” (Monger)

“you should invite these cabaret weirdos for your turkey diner, so you can all have a go at Santa. Feline and Strange will take care of the Xmas tree music with their new traditional-sounding carol Nolidays. An angelic beauty that will melt your hearts with its fuck off Santa message. That shameless imposter works for American, money-greedy chain-store Toys R Us since Christ was born. No mercy folks, kick Kriss Kringle in his jingle bells. Party time!” (Turn up the Volume)

“about the exploitation of musicians by the big business elements of the music industry” (Loud women)

“Dabei führte es nach dem melancholischen ersten Song zum wütenden “Kunst fordert Opfer” über den Tanz(verbots-)Song “Hypfen (Jetzt.)” und eine zynische Ballade zum Grundeinkommen bis hin zur punkigen Anti-Aluhut-Nummer. Diese Achterbahnfahrt wird von “Keinachten” vervollständigt, das gewohnt zynisch daherkommt, jedoch auch mit der richtigen Menge Emotion und überraschend tröstend.” (Sonic Seducer)

Das “Kunst fordert Opfer” Statement in voller Länge auf Kulturnews

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