STEAMBALL: Dark Voices: a cappella singing workshop mit Stimmgewalt

EnglishDo you like singing, under the shower or even on stage? Do you like epic melodies and dark bass sounds? Would you like to combine both and have a unique experience while singing a cappella gothic songs? Welcome to the Dark Voices workshop!Hello there, we are Stimmgewalt, a vocal band made of twelve voices and Read more about STEAMBALL: Dark Voices: a cappella singing workshop mit Stimmgewalt[…]

Been There Done That

Just our past tour dates, for those who want to know. 2021 ONLINE – Releaseparty NACHSPIEL – eine STEAMPUNK MUSIK KOLLEKTIV Produktion – ONLINE – Interview: Feline bei Quis dem Barden auf twitch – ONLINE – Interview: Gespräche aus dem Maschinenraum facebook  – ONLINE – Ticketed event!Evil Expo, USA | facebook – ONLINE – Interview: Gespräche aus dem Maschinenraum – Read more about Been There Done That[…]

Full Moon dance theatre movements

In December 2017, we performed for the very first time our songs together with the wonderful weirdos of The FullMoonCabaret with whom – under the amazing NYC filmmaker Victora Linchong – I have been performing frequently mor than one year now. This is modern dance theatre, and I love what we did there! Oh that Read more about Full Moon dance theatre movements[…]

Cassandra´s Twin – A Collaboration

See image overview at bottom! / Galerieübersicht und Artikel in Deutsch weiter unten! After playing several shows with birdeatsbaby and their charismatic and incredibly talented lead singer and pianist Mishkin Fitzgerald, Mish and I decided to make a song together. Here it comes. Patreon-exclusive release on both our profiles, but the video is now public. Read more about Cassandra´s Twin – A Collaboration[…]

STILL ON EARTH?! tour 2017

With our 5th album OUT, something special had to happen. Find tour dates here! The show is, in short, a multimedia explosion with full cyberpunk costumes, silly dialogue as usual, visuals, costumes (and costume changes), masks, sunglasses, light-up drumsticks, codes and signs, and a game for YOU during the shows, also available online. Aesthetically, the Read more about STILL ON EARTH?! tour 2017[…]

F&S @ Coalescaremonium Brussels 2017

This event was TOO magnificent for just mentioning a few reviews and posting a few photos! If alone, because reviews are dropping in now, only a few days after, on a daily basis. So I`ll collect everything here! Make sure you get tickets for next year, in case you missed this one.   Photo report Read more about F&S @ Coalescaremonium Brussels 2017[…]

A Strange Blog: Nous n’avons pas peur

Four days after the attacks I go to Paris with Schaubühne Berlin to play shows. An extraordinary trip in an extraordinary time. I’ll make some video everyday and post it here. Come with me. „Listen, evildoers. We, the free people of the free world, we have no fear. You can’t terrorise us. We live our Read more about A Strange Blog: Nous n’avons pas peur[…]

All about the show – 1. Pop-Kultur Berlin 2015

After three days of, heck yeah, a lot of fun, a bunch of weirdos, and plain awesome shows, I sit back and resume. The new festival Pop-Kultur is supposed to replace Berlin Music Week somehow. Organized by musicboard, Berlin Senate’s institution for supporting popular music in Berlin, this festival turned out, compared with Music Week, Read more about All about the show – 1. Pop-Kultur Berlin 2015[…]