November 2017 im Theater des Beethoven-Gymnasiums Berlin-Lankwitz STAND UP AND SWING Eine Revue über den Untergangvon Feline Lang und (Ex-)Schülern des Beethovengymnasiums Berlin nach dem Film „Swing Kids“BigBand Leitung: Carl Parma Gesangliche Leitung: Johannes DaschMultimedia: BOSTAG Tanztraining: Davide de Feudis Choreographie: Selena Kruse Wie beginnt das Ende? „Wann Krieg beginnt, das kann man wissen, aber Read more about Regie: STAND UP AND SWING[…]

Cassandra´s Twin – A Collaboration

See image overview at bottom! / Galerieübersicht und Artikel in Deutsch weiter unten! After playing several shows with birdeatsbaby and their charismatic and incredibly talented lead singer and pianist Mishkin Fitzgerald, Mish and I decided to make a song together. Here it comes. Patreon-exclusive release on both our profiles, but the video is now public. Read more about Cassandra´s Twin – A Collaboration[…]

Female is now / I´m not a man (Patreon)

Patreon post with download Loverlies, the recent #metoo thing made me write a feminist song before finishing the Questions song. It´s another rehearsal room recording with me playing a really shitty bass but we had a lot of fun. Hope you do as well. Couldn´t decide for one of the 2 titles, which one do Read more about Female is now / I´m not a man (Patreon)[…]

RESTART FROM ZERO – patreon-only

Patreon post with song download Loverlies, tomorrow´s the big day, my first cooperation (and hopefully not the last) with the glorious Mishkin Fitzgerald is to be released – patreon-exclusive of course! To prepare you for this event, here´s a new version of RESTART FROM ZERO which I Thinged in September, written in Derbyshire and posted Read more about RESTART FROM ZERO – patreon-only[…]

STILL ON EARTH?! tour 2017

With our 5th album OUT, something special had to happen. Find tour dates here! The show is, in short, a multimedia explosion with full cyberpunk costumes, silly dialogue as usual, visuals, costumes (and costume changes), masks, sunglasses, light-up drumsticks, codes and signs, and a game for YOU during the shows, also available online. Aesthetically, the Read more about STILL ON EARTH?! tour 2017[…]

F&S @ Coalescaremonium Brussels 2017

This event was TOO magnificent for just mentioning a few reviews and posting a few photos! If alone, because reviews are dropping in now, only a few days after, on a daily basis. So I`ll collect everything here! Make sure you get tickets for next year, in case you missed this one.   Photo report Read more about F&S @ Coalescaremonium Brussels 2017[…]