Scary dark cabaret rock with a sparse arrangement and depressive lyrics. Read more
#howcanartnotbepolitical A badass piano punk about narrowmindedness. Out of the box. I make my living from: selling boxeswith little people Read more
The controversial discussion about cultural appropriation, and how I made a burlesque song from that. Read more
The piano Lied about being with a depressive person... Read more
LET US BE AUTUMN (piano solo) Dear Crew,here´s the autumn song I promised. There will be more versions next week Read more
Hellooooo my hunnybunny spaceship crew, right out of my recent october-after-season-after-travel-mid-politics-mid-shitload-of-uninteresting-work-depression I wrote and recorded this track. To help me Read more
Trigger Warning by Feline & Strange This song was published on Patreon in a totally different version from the record Read more
Loverlies, I already spilled that I was working on a new duet with Mishkin Fitzgerald - here is the first Read more
TRUTHS by Feline & Strange On TRUTHS (2016) I am a Second Wife. And if you are one, as well, you Read more
This is about losing everything you took for granted. And hope. OUT by Feline & Strange I‘ve been painting wrong Read more