18. April 2021


Loverlies, I already spilled that I was working on a new duet with Mishkin Fitzgerald - here is the first
TRUTHS by Feline & Strange On TRUTHS (2016) I am a Second Wife. And if you are one, as well, you
This is about losing everything you took for granted. And hope. OUT by Feline & Strange I‘ve been painting wrong
Industrial Electro-Punk with all the aggression "Gettin' Angry" (TRUTHS) promised. Brian plays the dumpster, among other things. Out of control.
OUT by Feline & Strange Strongly connected to Feline’s impressions during her residency in Marseille, this dark and ethnic rock
Patreon post with video download Stream & buy song and album: OUT by Feline & Strange Closes the arc Track
Patreon Post with song download Loverlies! Sorry for the radio silence. Last 2 weeks where a whirlwind of exciting things
Trigger Warning by Feline & Strange Here´s the song that got in the way, and was succumbed to trials and
Patreon post with download Loverlies, the recent #metoo thing made me write a feminist song before finishing the Questions song.
Trigger Warning by Feline & Strange Written in Derbyshire and posted with a shitty laptop-microphone-recording. It´ s dark, it´ s