ANOTHER DREAM, the song formerly known as THE BED SONG (TRIGGER WARNING)

This song was published on Patreon in a totally different version from the record (as most of them)!

This is the first one:

And I did a video for the Play Your Ukulele Naked Day with the aid of my teddy bear which was unfortunately taken down from Patreon but I hid the link to the video in the original post 😀


Original post:

Here´s your first September goodie! Some of you have already heard this song live at Phoenix or watching the live stream. And Steve heard it first when it was only a few days old and not really finished, on our private waiting-for-the-show session in the back room in Northampton 😀 Here it is! I have several versions – 
the first was with uke, piano, and me playing the bass ukulele (available for 10+ patrons), but after recording that I decided it was too terrible old school rock which I found boring (maybe you´ll like it anyway :-D)
then we invited Lenny over to play the bass, and Christoph sat down on the drumset  (15+ patrons) ,
and finally I went for the ukulele where I had started writing it on anyway, and performed it for the first time (backstage, to Steve! yeah really I had never tried that before :_D).
Another version might add cello, obviously – and of course we´ll make a video for that. In the bed.
It´s a honest-to-god protest song 😀
Here´s the lyrics:
(a bit more extensive than in the recorded version because I always write too many lines. I still like it that way, and so here´s for you.)
It feels so good to stay in bed To pull the cover up your shoulders To turn around and snuggle in And not to care about what’s sad It is so easy sleeping in Pretending life is just a nightmare To just stay put and let them worry Whether to sleep may be a sin  
Let’s stay in bed Today – Let’s keep each other warm  
The world is cold Today – Let’s stay in bed Whether we’re there or not – It won’t make a difference So let’s disappear – Into Another Dream
Isn’t it nice to stay in bed To close your eyes, play deaf and blind To turn your back towards your partner And let the world be screaming mad Isn’t it easy sleeping in Forget your duties and your rights To just stay put and let them bother Never to lose, never to win.
Let’s die in bed Today – Let’s shoot each other cold
The world is dead Today – Let’s die in bed
Whether we’re there or not – It won’t make a difference So let’s disappear Into Another Dream
So you are sure you’ll stay in bed And not to change the things you hate To play the sheep and trust the shepherd You always went where you were led you’re so afraid of waking up Maybe your life is just a nightmare If you don’t look maybe is disappears And so your eyes and mouth stay shut  
Let’s burn the bed Today – What’s there besides to die
The world is cold today – Let’s burn the bed
Whether we’re there or not – We will make a difference So let’s change the world – Into Another Dream




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