PRETTY PLEASE – song and lyrics

right out of my recent october-after-season-after-travel-mid-politics-mid-shitload-of-uninteresting-work-depression I wrote and recorded this track. To help me with the lyrics I started a facebook thread asking for unwanted things. I got so much response that I wrote TWO songs! EDIT in 2019: And I realised after performing this a few times: this one is actually a bit about Greta Thunberg.
Original post with song link:

Here´s the lyrics:


I want to believe that everything will be alright

I prefer to think that all things can swing to their better side

I don’t want you to show me What I don’t want to know, thank you very much

Tell me the best truth that you can make up and Don’t ever don’t ever wake me up

Let me dream my fantasy how people live in harmony

I am happy in my sleep, don’t shake me nononono

People scare me, don’t you dare to speak to me

Leave me floating happily in my bubble of insanity

dick pics, politics, spam chokes me with panics

You can keep your lot of shit I won’t love you more for it thank you very much

I´ve got too much of everything, I don´t want what you could bring

I don´t need your plan for a future that might never come

Do I have to change the world I just want to stay home a nerd

Fake news fake news put them where the shit grows

You´re afraid? oh I can feel you – doesn´t mean I have to like you

…pretty please.

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