Hole in the ground (OUT) song, video, lyrics

Scary dark cabaret rock with a sparse arrangement and depressive lyrics. Bad girl. Out of normality. – 2017 album OUT features a lot of premieres, as this one: Feline wrote her first song ever on and for the guitar. And probably the last.

Video using material from our cover shoot for OUT. Bodypaint and camera: Chrische E. Meyer aka pure_paint. Follow him on instagram for more fun! The video is vimeo-exclusive for obvious reasons 😀  


Not hard to guess, ehm? Is it? – It´s about depression. Social anxiety. Being an outsider. Choose the level of mental non-health you feel most represented in. This can, as well, be just being a Goth. We are all creatures of the dark, aren´t we?

#mentalhealth #mentalillness #depression #aggression #anxiety

How to get a critter out of their hole? – Maybe lure them with chocolate? Maybe pet them when they appear? But sometimes it´s better to leave them where they are.

Mental illness is rarely visible. And often it manifests in aggression. Even if the last the patient wants is to scare people away. Try to watch the critter as you would watch an animal. Expect no rational behaviour. Stay out of reach of their claws and teeth. Protect and feed them. And wait for them to come to you, and give them time to sniff your hands. Why expect from humans more than from any other kind of animal.

I‘ll build a hole in the ground and dig myself in 
Nobody is allowed to enter!
I‘ll eat up any insect that 
Dares to intrude
because I am a critter now
and I‘m behaving rude.
Deep in my hole in the ground the weather‘s always fine 
it‘s dark and wet and cold and full of grime 
that‘s how I like it best
And if you don‘t like it as well
you failed the test 

Don‘t dig me up, no, let me be.
No, not the light, not the light, prithee! 
I‘m happy as I am, I don‘t want to be vanilla 
why are you persecuting me? A buried caterpillar? 

Deep in my hole in the ground is where I‘m home 
finally I‘m just who I am, me all alone 
Yes I can hear my thoughts
But that‘s what hurts much less 
Than all the rest 

It‘s dark in my hole in the ground,
No one can see
How I am crying all night desparetely.
I‘ll dry my face when I‘m surfacing. 
My secrets stay below, that‘s where I sing. 

Don‘t dig me up
no let me be.
No, not the light, not the light, prithee! 
I‘m happy as I am, I don‘t want to be vanilla 
Are you so afraid of me that you would become a killer? 

I‘m in a hole in the ground –
– what do you expect? 
I‘m per definition a dangerous subject.
If you come too close 
I might bite your nose off
and dig myself back in 
and gone I am
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