LET US BE AUTUMN song and lyrics (patreon only)

LET US BE AUTUMN (piano solo)

Dear Crew,here´s the autumn song I promised. There will be more versions next week for the higher tiers (10+), Christoph is working on a cello line and hopefully Rah will give her F&S debut with a drum version too…! but I think this version, just me and my piano, says it all.

Patreon Post with song link and lyrics

It´s possible to read this song political, and also as a comment about my recent mental state. Or as a relationship story. Or just as an autumn song about leaves. Feel free 😀

We went on the roof of my containers when I had to do leaf removal anyway and filmed a bit with a leaf blower (Christoph´s new favourite toy, see picture), a ragtag costume, and the go pro set to slo mo until the rain became too cold. I´ll see what I can make from the results 😀

Stay warm

love, Feline

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