Collab: Divided we stand

It´s so great to be part of the international Steampunk community! Our long term friend Anais Noir from Poison Garden (Rome) asked us to participate in her charity song and video during corona times. Here it is! Can you spot and name all the amazing superstars? Here´s what Poison Garden say: „Sometimes „Crisis“ might mean Read more about Collab: Divided we stand[…]


It´s time to tell you the whole story about our landing and life on Earth. Let´s start at the beginning. To be continued. Es wird Zeit, die ganze Geschichte zu erzählen. Fangen wir an. Fortsetzung folgt.   We have lived lifes as human beings, never fitting in properly, but convinced that only our strange personalities were Read more about THE MISSION[…]


on LIES (2015) – Lyrics/music: Feline Lang LIES by Feline & Strange My fault is: I can´t keep my mouth shut (though I´m not sure that this is so bad). So I say what I think, and that often hurts someone, and many people wish I would drop dead Yes, you can make me lose Read more about BIG ASS[…]

What the heck is Steampunk?

Steampunk ist eine aus der Gothic-, Cyberpunk- und Do-It-Yourself-Szene gewachsene Subkultur mit Wurzeln im Süden der USA. Zusammenfaßbar als: Viktorianische Science Fiction. Stichworte sind: Viktorianisches England – Jules Verne – H.G. Wells –  Zahnräder – Tesla – Edgar Allan Poe – Korsetts – Goggles (Schweißerbrillen) – Zylinderhüte – Luftschiffe – Dampfmaschinen – Reifröcke – Fecht- Read more about What the heck is Steampunk?[…]