Album LIES (2015)

LIES (2015) Lies we tell our children: Lies we tell others to get laid: Lies we tell ourselves to not have to do it: Lies we tell ourselves to make life bearable: Lies we hold for truths: Lies we believe about the world: Lies we tell to sell something: Lies we believe to survive: Lies Read more about Album LIES (2015)[…]


Been there done that – T/M Feline Lang – Arr: Band – On „BEHAVIOUR„ BEHAVIOUR by Feline & Strange I have been world´s greatest lover – Every finger sucks a boy For a dance I didn´t ask – Always had my private toy But what was it for in the end – I will be dying Read more about BEEN THERE DONE THAT Lyrics & Video[…]

FINALLY Lyrics & Video

FINALLY – T/M/ARR Feline Lang – ON „BEHAVIOUR„ We´ve looked at each other for more than some months like we look in the mirror in the mornings just to check if you´re still there, not lost in a nightmare nothing for real, avoiding to touch the cold pane between us   The first cracks came Read more about FINALLY Lyrics & Video[…]


on LIES (2015) – Lyrics/music: Feline Lang LIES by Feline & Strange My fault is: I can´t keep my mouth shut (though I´m not sure that this is so bad). So I say what I think, and that often hurts someone, and many people wish I would drop dead Yes, you can make me lose Read more about BIG ASS[…]