Deutsche Version: DER ARBEIT-SONG #HowCanArtNotBePolitical? Feline & Strange have asked since 2017. With relentless, gloomy or sarcastic statements against sexism and for climate protection, the band has not only created devoted fans, but also bitter enemies. But does that shut them up? Not even remotely! Instead, this time opera singer Feline Lang uses the style Read more about THE WORK – SONG[…]

Album LIES (2015)

LIES (2015) Lies we tell our children: Lies we tell others to get laid: Lies we tell ourselves to not have to do it: Lies we tell ourselves to make life bearable: Lies we hold for truths: Lies we believe about the world: Lies we tell to sell something: Lies we believe to survive: Lies Read more about Album LIES (2015)[…]


It´s time to tell you the whole story about our landing and life on Earth. Let´s start at the beginning. To be continued. Es wird Zeit, die ganze Geschichte zu erzählen. Fangen wir an. Fortsetzung folgt.   We have lived lifes as human beings, never fitting in properly, but convinced that only our strange personalities were Read more about THE MISSION[…]

A Strange Blog: About mother tongues, and Germans

Yesterday somebody accused me of speaking (i.e. singing) bad English. I wondered, shortly, if I was AGAIN (after only recently) to be mistaken for an Australian with a toothache. (ME the band, are you to blame for that after only 6 months of friendship??) Well, whatever, I am not a human being and thus don´t Read more about A Strange Blog: About mother tongues, and Germans[…]