Album “BEHAVIOUR” (2011)

Click through to the songs on this playlist to read lyrics: BEHAVIOUR by Feline & Strange BEHAVIOUR! (2011) Some are EpicPop. Some are SillySwing. Some are both. Which? Listen and decide. Hauptthema sind auf dem aktuellen Album “BEHAVIOUR” innere Unwetter: Da werden schon mal die Augen ausgekratzt, beginnt die Realität zu bröckeln, steigt der grinsende Read more about Album “BEHAVIOUR” (2011)[…]

HOW COULD YOU – Lyrics & Interview & Citroen Music Competition

How could you- T/M/ARR Feline Lang – On “BEHAVIOUR” One of my biggest fears. Well, if you love, you can lose. LYRICS Planning for your birthday dinner I was smiling, laugh and sing Up in heaven, lost in love – Unprepared. Phone starts to ring. When I heard the doctor talking I just couldn’t stop Read more about HOW COULD YOU – Lyrics & Interview & Citroen Music Competition[…]