Who is Mrs Strange???


Mrs Adelaide Strange, born 1883 as a Smith, from Sussex, lived since her marriage in London and, after her husband Andrew Charles Strange´s death by ox pox in 1910, travelled around the world alone. She died 83 years old 1966 under unknown circumstances in Barcelona and appeared one day in our rehearsing room. She entered through a wall and asked us to play on because she got bored in the Beyond and wished to listen to some good music. Later on she visited us more often and told us anecdotes about her life which we took as suggestive for our work.
So we decided to call our band Feline & Strange to honour her and her life. And she appreciated this very much.

May 11, 2010 – Tuesday

Today´s rehearsal was honoured again by a sudden visit from Mrs Strange´s ghost. After enjoying our music and some arguing she started to speak and revealed to us that her true identity was covered in 1930 as she was working as a spy for the British Empire. After promising us to tell something more in her next visit she left us with the surprising fact that part of her soul was reborn in 1974 in Feline´s body. This of course explains her utter interest in us – except from our good music, of course.


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