Licensing – Additional Info

Dear producer, manager, PR specialist or whoever you are,

we are glad you like our music and look for a way too cooperate with us. We often heard that our music and habit would fit very well into movies as well as into commercials, and we do like both.

To help you to do so in any possible way, we have listed some extra info below. Please don´t hesitate to contact us!



We can´t talk about prices, obviously, as long as yu don´t tell us what you need and what for. But remember: We are – and stay- royalty-free, no fuzz with GEMA or others. As a principle. So, well, you HAVE to pay us if you want our music for commercial purposes, but your customers DON´T have to pay when they want to share the song, linked to your commercial or trailer. Makes it easier and of course legal for them to give it to their friends, their family, their social network contacts…

Sounds good? Yes, I know. That´s why we do it this way.

We are currently preparing a licensing platform on You can preload and license all our tracks there in no time and for a price set up exactly for what you need. Nevertheless, that is not an exclusive offer. If you want to buy a package or have special needs, please contact us – we will offer you a solution at once!


All tracks are also available as vocless instrumental masters. Most tracks contain huge instrumental parts. List with instrumenatl versions will be available shortly.


All tracks are also available as radio edits/extended versions to the precise length you need. Please just ask.

Remixes of all tracks are available, and we love to play around – licensing a track for, e.g., a warped or street-sound mix is no problem, and we will be happy to deliver.

All synth tracks are available in synth-only mix OR unplugged (WITHOUT synths).

All tracks are frequently played live, and we can provide high-quality live mixes (with or without audience and ambience) at any time.


Slightly blushing, I have to tell you that we are VERY. FAST. VERY. If you like our style, but didn´t find THE song for your product yet, please let me know what you have in mind, and listen!! to a full-length, sung, arranged, and ready-for-recording proposal for a tailored song in less than a week. Non-binding, of course – you don´t like it, you don´t buy it.



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