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Not again. One might say. Isn’t it annoying?

No wait. People died, right in front of my door. Isn’t that tragic?

Well, I witnessed 3 severe traffic accidents since I am living in Berlin, and luckily escaped a few others myself. I watched relatives and friends die of oldage, and illnesses. So, no, it’s not tragic. Life is murderous.

What really is tragic, is, that there are beings in this world (I refuse to call them people, as that word implies a social life of some degree) that can’t abide when (other) people have fun, enjoy their lives, make things, are silly, spend too much money, watch and listen beautiful or cheesy stuff, in short: LIVE.

The sight of it hurts them, and they want to destroy everything they see. They don’t gain any benefit out of it. They just want to destroy life, so others can’t have it. Sandbox mentality.

Don’t get me wrong: I still don’t believe in an assault, and I am firm in my belief that no matter what we shouldn’t show any fear.

But no matter if those truck drivers were drunk, stupid, or did kill on purpose, the result is the same.

I finished the animal-and-food-reward song today (for those who are new, this was the task I had to fulfill for reaching the next funding goal on Patreon), and it turned out strangely fitting. So I decided to make it public. Hope you don’t mind.

Enjoy. Really. Hope you like it.

It’s a very rough recording, and mix, and we’ll make a new version soon. Cello still missing,for example!
Here’s the full ballad, I shortened it a lot for the sake of the song:

A rat is tunneling through the ground
She smells from a distance the huge amount
Of food that has been thrown away
She wants to make a big buffet
So she scuttles ahead to the plastic crate
And burrows a whole with her diamond sharp teeth

Gnaw rat gnaw
Forget what you saw
Feed on the dead
Be a nice nice rat

Now the hole is made and she climbs aboard
Her tail is wriggling, her ears are taut
The smell in the bin isn’t bothering much
For a rat it’s a feast, a party and such
She’s stuck in the dark and starts biting around
To get a taste of what might be found

And then she smells flesh and she takes a big bite
But the flesh jerks away and she’s hearing a cry.
Dear rat, dear rat, oh give me peace, 
Please hold back on your razor sharp teeth
I’m good as gone, the deed is done, 
Oh wait till my spark is out of this realm

The rat pricks her ears and stops for a blink,
In the moment where all the bin contents sink
To the side because the crate is lifted
And so our hero, the rat, is gifted
With the unsightly sight of a human child
that tries lifting its head to give her a smile

Dear rat, I am dying and so I am giveth
The chance to meet you as I scarcely have liveth. 
I starved, and dared to eat what’s not mine 
Thus becoming a witness and proof for a crime
I only remember the terrible pain
And then I am here, poisoned and slain.

The child does not know why it had to die
So I dare to intrude and to finish the play
The dinner tonight should have changed the world
All it’s biggest were meeting to have some word
The leaders of states, the pope, and some stars
were to be locked in until they ended all wars

But there’s always people who enjoy to destroy
Who can’t abide future, who can’t abide joy
They poisoned the food, wine, soup, bread, cheese and meat,
but they didn’t count in a hungry child from the street
who sneaked in, tried a morsel, sank down with foaming mouth
Sad little witness of the great big assault

The child closes its eyes and sighs out its end

The rat twitches ears and sniffles its hand
Then takes a big bite and chews off a finger
And climbs to the top where the garbage men linger
Not used to rats as rats usually hide
they shriek like the ladies and give room so wide

So the rat puts the finger in front of their rows
and burrow away before anyone moves
The garbagemen close in and see what she brought
And all at once they have the same ghastly thought
when they find the child it is dead and gone
but it’s easy to find out where the bin came from

The end is told quickly, no more deaths today,
Police does their thing, army is on its way,
The dinner is cancelled, the talk is postponed
The world is not saved but neither it’s doomed
So things stay the same for all that is said,
But a child that is dead,
and a hungry rat.

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