FINALLY Lyrics & Video


We´ve looked at each other for more than some months
like we look in the mirror in the mornings
just to check if you´re still there, not lost in a nightmare
nothing for real, avoiding to touch the cold pane between us


The first cracks came so small we didn´t notice at all
then watching them ripping through all we knew with ascending pace
Silently searching a hand that feels strangely unknown
when one thousand tiny shards tinkled down


So you finally leave me.
You finally go away,
you finally leave me sitting here
all by myself in the dark to cry
You finally leave me –
can´t wait till you go away
I´m ok, just gonna stay sitting here –
won´t let you see me die


I´m looking into your eyes for the first time in months
and see the deep disappointment that I´ve been for you
I know you´d read exactly the same in my own eyes
and wonder if we need to accuse to enlighten our conscience

We start explaining feebly at the same time and almost laugh
because it´s just like two people freshly in love
like the couple – we should be – we´ve been – when we couldn´t
take our hands off each other nor our eyes nor our minds


Take my hand take my hand pull me tight and kiss me
I can´t stand I can´t stand losing you for the rest of my life
don´t let go don´t let go take a chance we will get this over
I can´t let you go- Just would let you know – I still want to love you

TRUTH No. 21: I still want to love you

Go for a treasure hunt. And return with what you found.

Geh auf Schatzsuche. Und mit dem, was Du gefunden hast, komm wieder her.

What is marked by the black cross? Was verbirgt sich unter dem schwarzen Kreuz?

Zu schwer? Not found?

Klick auf „Schatzsuche“. Click „treasure hunt“. Such das schwarze Kreuz. Look for the black cross.

Das Kreuz verlinkt auf eine Seite. Gib den Titel der Seite ein als Passwort für die Seite, die HIER unter der Frage verlinkt ist. The cross links to a page. Enter the title as password for the page linked HERE under the question.

Es sind 3 Buchstaben. Three letters.


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