Lost in the moon

Words/Music/Arrangement: Feline Lang


A real Harp, Asian flavour, a fairy tale, and nerve-cutting synth arps. And a desperate blaming myself for a wasted life as a final.


Wavering the moonlight comes, Caressing softly my/her starving skin so
Lost it seems so pale and shining While no one is watching me
Whithering my/her flesh under the Cold rays of the moon I´m feeling
Lost while I/she roll/s up (and) close/s my/her eyes to be alone
I can´t sleep while I´m watching the moon, She looks like a hag, old forlorn,
But I envy her for the peace and the light – I won´t say but most that all love her
I say it aloud: “I wish I was the moon, I don´t want to lose anymore”
I wouldn´t panic from getting old And nothing could hurt me again
What is it for, anyway? What am I waiting for? /What are you hoping for?
The moon in a sudden gets bigger and bright, And I feel sucked up by the silvery light
My skin starts to wrinkle, to bubble, to ooze, Then crumbles, drying to stone
My cry goes unheard while I´m soaring up And I settle in a cold huge rocky lump
Staring down from heavens to a pale smiling lass That is curling up in my sheets.
She made a complete change to my life, why, o why couldn’t I…
And she seems happy, but something´s amiss: She also looks up with a longing eye
So now I know what loneliness means, And I know I can never go back
I watch every night the girl in my bones, She enjoys what I never had
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