Gettin´ Angry, reloaded!

Last month, you got something blue, and next month, there will be something new. This month, you get both borrowed, and old! Does that mean we´re married now?!The HardChoir STIMMGEWALT (Voice Power) and I did at least engage for this project!

Some of you have seen the premiere of this very first ever cover of a Feline&Strange song last year on SteamBall III. And expressed the desire to put it on a record! If you haven´  t been there, here´s a glimpse:

So here it is. You get them both, Stimmgewalt´ s own version with musical star Jenny Eyer singing the lead, and my own covering myself. Which was weird, honestly! And HUUUUUGE fun.

Feel free to compare the versions, and like Jenny´´  s better! It´ s still my song, and I´m super proud of it.

And with that, you also get your own karaoke version! If you like, make your own recording. Love to hear it! Lyrics are here in case you don´  t have them:

And finally, you get a bonus version dating back to SteamBall II! Remember the amazing Emily Grove (who also was discovered by Jason Rubal and helped us organize 2 US tours) played there with us, accompanied by the brilliant chaots calling themselves The Homeless Apians? We also took some time off having fun in the studio. This is the result, with Emily singing backing vocals, Kevin Grossmann drumming, Matthew Brown playing the guitar, and Tyler KouqJ Garrett playing tha bass as a guest. And the Chief and me doing what we usually do, of course.

Hope you´´ ll enjoy!

Love, Feline

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