Album OUT (2017)

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OUT (2017)

With OUT Feline&Strange go beyond. Again. Mit OUT überschreiten Feline&Strange alle Grenzen. Wieder einmal.

Fully streamlined into an Electro Wave Cabaret duo, Feline Lang (vocals, piano, synths, melodica) & Christoph Klemke (cello, percussion, back vocals) rock, with the help of legendary drummer Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes, Nine Inch Nails) and punk bassist and producer Tyler KouqJ Garrett (J and the 9s), through 11 aggressive and depressive songs, like out of a hole in the ground or out of space – dark as either. Out of expectations, out of the box, out of patience.

“I knew this was going to be different but it turned out to be breathtaking!!” (Patreon comment)

“Wenn man mich jetzt in einen Folterkeller sperren würde und fragen, welches ist das bestproduzierte Popalbum aller Zeiten – ich wüßte keines, was besser wäre als dieses. Wenn das nicht den großen Durchbruch bringt, weiß ich auch nicht.” Klangheim (High End Audioentwickler)

“The album just gets better every time I listen to it. Over all the songs seem united by a sense of impermanence – of or relationships, our homes, our life on earth, and how our responses seem inadequate. Yet there is still hope amongst it all.” (Patreon comment)


Das Artwork ist zeitgemäß auch ohne CD nur mit Downloadcode zu bekommen. Die scheinbar simple, aber edle Papphülle fordert zu ihrer eigenen Zerstörung auf. Hat man sich dazu überwunden, erhält man ein düsteres Faltdiorama oder Schattentheater. Artwork solo kaufen

Feline schrieb fast alle Songs des Albums im Sommer 2015 in nur 2 Wochen während eines Residenzaufenthalts in der Kulturfabrik La Friche in Marseille, vom musicboard Berlin verliehen. Die Weiterentwicklung der Songs während des Kippens des deutschen Flüchtlingswunders in eine weltumspannende politische Krise erklärt die zynische Wut, die aus den 11 Songs spricht. Bei der Show zum Album mit einem düsteren Multimedia-Overkill versetzt das Duo die Zuschauer in die Rolle von Flüchtigen vom eigenen Heimatplaneten.

Das Textposter präsentiert sich dadurch plötzlich als Fragebogen unbekannter Herkunft und Autorität zum Erhalt eines Visums zum weiteren Aufenthalt auf dem Planeten Erde. Bist Du ein Mensch? Bist Du Bürger/in der Erde? Bist Du ein intelligentes Lebewesen? Und wenn Du des Planetens verwiesen wirst – wie sollst Du überleben?

Artwork: Feline Lang – Bodypainting & Fotos: Chrische E. Meyer
Cover OUT white digital edition
Cover OUT black


Feline&Strange use the alien backstory prepared in the 3 predecessing long player’s artwork and their shows to push the listener into a position most of them will, hopefully, never know first-hand. Persecuted, scared to death, threatened with deportation into a lethal environment, for no other reason than their being what they are.

Feline wrote the lot of this album in only 2 weeks during a residency at the cultural centre La Friche in Marseille, France. The production during her world turning from Germany welcoming thousands of refugees with open arms to a world wide political crisis explains the uninhibited rage and sadness in these 11 songs.

The album is released on March 24th 2017 digitally plus prerelease subscription only, plus a vinyl release in summer 2017.

The box set of the strictly limited CD edition, available only via the band, is a intricate 3D piece of art, which succeeds in, and tops, the tradition started with LIES and TRUTHS. The seemingly simple cardboard sleeve appeals to the listener to destroy the package to reveal a scary fold out diorama. The lyrics sheet is converted into a questionnaire of unknown origin and authority, posing unanswerable questions, and sick answers. Are you human? Are you a citizen of Earth? Are you a sentient being? And if you are deported from Earth – how can you survive?


Watch more live videos in the article about the STILL ON EARTH?! tour!

And if the world would end tonight: Piano ballad ouverture in German Lied tradition with a drum solo introduction and an orchestral string final. Out of this world.

City by the Sea: Strongly connected to Feline’s impressions during her residency in Marseille, this dark and ethnic rock song tells the lethal story of the sea, and refugees. Out of your home country.

NEW: 2022 remaster, German re-recording and remix by Pyrolator: CITY BY THE SEA – Lyrics & Video

No Life on Mars: A failed communication mirrors inside an empty mind, and in a heavy Electro Wave track with a strong 80ies feel. Out of words.

Short of words really flabbergasted.Feels like looking at and listening to Bowie at his best. But again different and better!
Christoph looks great as a “Capo di tutti capi”! Go on and don’t keep this for patrons only as it deserves much more!
(Patreon comments)

Hole in the ground: Scary dark cabaret rock with a sparse arrangement and depressive lyrics. Bad girl. Out of normality. – OUT features a lot of premieres, as this one: Feline wrote her first song ever on and for the guitar. Many more to come, we guess.

Berlin’s a bitch: The band’s contribution to Heimatmusik. Includes a traditional Leierkasten break in Berlin-German. The rest is fun punk, and Brian throws his sticks a few times. Out of this city.

On the run: Hurting art rock with immeasurable energy, told from a refugee’s  perspective. Or from that of a mistreated runaway child. Out of everything you ever knew. Concert Harp: Brigitte Langnickel-Köhler

Little Boxes: A badass piano punk about narrowmindedness. Out of the box.

Little Boxes was always one of my favourites and the way it has become is fantastic.
Your performance is reminding both of us of Nina Hagen, but still totally different.(don’t know how to express that any better)
So congratulations again! (Patreon comments)

How much: A haunted senior residency for the ghosts of musicians, and a haunting thought that lingers. Constructed like an operatic aria, and with the same intensity, but plus a lot of creepiness. Out of my mind.

Lilith: From a heavy drone through a concert harp to a EBM/techno interlude, this gothic track is mythical and just, big. Out of humanity. Concert Harp: Brigitte Langnickel-Köhler

Modern Conversation: Industrial Electro-Punk with all the aggression “Gettin’ Angry” (TRUTHS) promised. Brian plays the dumpster, among other things. Out of control.
Have a look at the genesis of one of the most energetic songs on this album! Making of, featuring Brian Viglione playing the dumpster, a MeMe-Choir, and a puppy. Everybody loves puppies.

The Train: Closes the arc Track 1 started. A hypnotizing piano ballad about eternity, and individual death. For the scientists, about bios and zoe. Disappears into the sunrise, and leaves the listener in tears. Out of life.

Für Audiofreaks erscheint das Album in 2 Masterversionen auf der Bandcampseite der Band, einer Berliner Version und einer US-Version, ab April ebenfalls auf bandcamp erhältlich. Vinyl in Vorbereitung.

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