Cassandra´s Twin – A Collaboration

After playing several shows with birdeatsbaby and their charismatic and incredibly talented lead singer and pianist Mishkin Fitzgerald, Mish and I decided to make a song together. Here it comes. Patreon-exclusive release on both our platforms, but the video will be public.

The song will be released in vinyl quality on December 21st. The video is coming in Feburary. An apocalyptic affair with a honest-to-god battle scene.

And Mish and I are already working on new projects, and will probably share the stage a few times in 2018!


Here´s what we did last week! Mish was in Berlin to make the video with me! As usual, I had a TON of ideas, and props, and extras, we worked on several beautiful locations (THANK YOU!!! NISCHE of BERLINER STADTMISSION e.V. and HUNDEFREUNDE BERLIN e.V.!) and got terribly cold working half naked in sleet and frost. See the proof! And yes, I got stuck in my dress. Do you recognise it? It´s the same model as the red one on SCIENCE FICTION!

And the next day, to warm up, we worked indoors with more wonderful actresses and actors on the Surreal Soiree!

Third day the world exploded! We had the amazing Fire artists of Ravenchild coming in to Berlin and slay each other in an epic battle.

Do you recognise the Director of Photography? It´s the legendary Damón Zurawski who did CITY BY THE SEA. I so wanted to work with him again that I  made him fly in from Stockholm for this. He stayed at our place too, as Mishkin, and we had a happy work-camping site for a few days!

As he´s here, I thought, well, why not make ANOTHER VIDEO?

So we invited even more people to our studio, created an even bigger mess, and a little train compartment (I always wanted to make ANOTHER video involving the green folding seats!!), and made a super funny very simple version of THE TRAIN. Simple YET as this will involve the first ever animation project. More soon on!

Are you curious now? I hope.

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love you xx



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