YOU SAID – T/M/Arr Feline Lang – On “Science Fiction” (2013)

The good old communications problem.

You said that you love me – o nonono you don´t

You said that you need me – o nonono you don’t

You said that you never ever leave me –  o yeyeyeah you did

Baby I just wanna tell you something
I never felt the way I do before
This I why you hear me now as I sing
That you are just rotten to the core – But I
never thought that you
Would do the worst that  you could do
Take from me what I could give
And leave me then to  bleed and live

Oh I hope that you can hear this song once
Oh it has to be a world wide hit
So you can´t escape from my revenge chance
Can´t deny forever what you did
Cause I´ll hurt you more than you
Would ever think me able to
I put your name on my bad side
Go on now, babe, find a place to hide

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