Why me – T/M/Arr Feline Lang – On “Science Fiction” (2013)

Warum ich? – Warum soll ich meinen Müll trennen? Warum soll ich auf Rindfleisch verzichten? Warum soll ich demonstrieren gehen? Warum soll ich für andere mitbezahlen? Warum soll ich es unbequem haben, damit andere ihren Spaß haben können? – Ganz einfach. Weil wir zusammenleben. Und das bedeutet nunmal: Jeder ist für alles selbst verantwortlich.

Responsibility is nothing you can run from
It means you have to think ´bout anything you do
It will cost everything of your own sweet comfortness
It means that everyone´s responsible for all

Go away – need you not – all alone – better off
Why should I – care for you – you don´t care neither – what I do

Whenever you can run from something that is ugly
You should turn on the spot and have a closer look
Maybe you missed the sign on which your name is written
And you will see that you´re the one to change the world

World is dying – no one cares
Can´t alone make a change
It´s just me, not James Bond
know myself – you´re the strange

Inner voice turns in sleep
are you top of the heap
Or just one little soul
obsolete in the whole

Do you love me – I don´t love you –
This is your song, not my groove
I won´t try – why should I
be the first to make a move

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