HOW COULD YOU – Lyrics & Interview & Citroen Music Competition

How could you- T/M/ARR Feline Lang – On “BEHAVIOUR”

One of my biggest fears. Well, if you love, you can lose.

Planning for your birthday dinner
I was smiling, laugh and sing
Up in heaven, lost in love –
Unprepared. Phone starts to ring.
When I heard the doctor talking
I just couldn’t stop to smile
Even when the call was over
That still took another while.

How could you do that to me?
How could you leave when I needed you most?
How could you do that to me?
Now I feel utterly lost.

I don’t know why I had to go
As you were already dead
Maybe I needed to see you like that
To beware me from getting mad.
Next days I did almost nothing
Staring at the wall all day
I vaguely remember some calls and some friends
But nothing I wanted to say.
I just wanna cry out Keep still keep still
Wait for my heart to arrive
Things rushing over me like in a bad horror movie
I need to feel human, wanna curl up and cry
I miss you so deeply and I can´t stop –
I´m so alone

Still I wouldn’t cry, couldn’t realise
Because there was too much to do
Our money´s been yours and the bankers all knew
In fact I admit I was cursing you.
About six months later I opened a box
One small thing I had managed to keep
And I found your birthday present from me
And finally started to weep.

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